The Great Gamertag Kerfuffle


So I figured, what a great bunch of people we have here. Why not cement this moment in NMS history by sharing our gaming handles for various networks should the gods that be gift us with multiplayer. Sorry if someones made a thread about this already.

I’ll go first ( I hate my PSN name, it was a joke, and now its not funny anymore)

PSN : ChristianHour
Steam: ToddUmptious (or christianhour if that doesnt work)

I also make fart sounds with instruments at the following sites. I made some music for trappist that was influenced by NMS’s sounds and visuals so that’s about the only crossover from this jargon. Any other artists feel free to show off your work whatever the medium, I love devouring new art :slight_smile:

Co-op Group Finder

You can find my gamertag and that of all the Spacing Guild on our website. Most of us are on PS4.


PS4: TheBusinessman4
Steam: L Plays Gaming
YouTube (Loads of NMS):


I keep it simple, Nevadander everywhere I go. I didn’t know what this site was going to become, hence the odd moniker.


Oh my gosh! All this time I never knew you were Nevadander! Thanks for all the help you’ve been giving!


I don’t know that I’d go as far as “help” lol
I know NMS and sci-fi and that’s about it. I’m just here to watch all you magnificent bastards fly :rofl:


I’m following the Waking Titan, but gosh do you all solve everything fast (and I also have no idea how some things were solved…) But you can find me on PS4 at alonemusic
I just restarted my NMS game as I realised when I started last august I messed up the Atlas Path and am still 600 jumps from the centre… Hoping I can be a bit fast in my new run (if I don’t get too distracted by Wipeout Omega and Elite…)
I also make spacey chiptune/post rock… also as Alone music


PSN: seamonkey420
PS4 player of NMS since launch.

i do videos of my gameplay and other geeky things at:


PS4 - FlatFaceBubs

Playing NMS since about 3 weeks after launch (didn’t have the $60 in time for launch)


TheBusinessman4 on PS4 (Wish I could change it to L Plays, sort it out Sony!)


You could change your “real name” to L Plays, but then you would have to be close friends with all of us. Who am I kidding, you already are!


Thanks for links


Steam ID - swampthing3000. In-Game name - Dicky Mantle


My PSN -Sith921

If you want you can add me and message me , I would love to interact with NMS players and build alittle community


PS4 - MoebiusRex



If any of ya wanna add me then put LOOP16 in the subject/message somewhere so I now you’re not a troll :wink:


also if there are any nms gamepedia wiki authors in here, i’ve just recently written a cmdline script to take inputs and make a basic gamepedia star system source or a base source. basically just answer a few questions about star system or base and bam source is created in notepad that can be instantly pasted into a new wiki page entry and have the most basic items pre-entered and tables created.

download and notes over here:

admins: if this is not allowed, feel free to remove my post, thought it may be useful for other nms wiki authors or that are sick of looking in the template text for the areas. :wink:


You may want to get in touch with the NMS Gamepedia contributors and let them know.
Gamepedia NMS Community Portal
You’d probably want to get in touch with either of the Admins, Ddfairchild or Textermer, although I believe Alianin (Wiki Staff) is an active contributor on this wiki as well.


will do!! :slight_smile: thanks buddy!!


On almost everything I’m Ynys. On Steam I’m ynyswarlock