Psn Name Change

At long last we can finally change our psn gamertags and I’ve been waiting patiently to do so.

I’ve been christianhour on 360 since 2005 and PSN since 2007, it was an injoke name and I’ve wanted it changed to toddumptious since 2009

Id been checking recently and toddumptious was available, as was todd_ and Todd- variants on the name. As of today none of the above were available, I think my friends are messing with me :joy: I’m the only one with a name even remotely like it on the twitters and your reddits and what have you.

I settled for todd-_-Umptious so feel free to add me if you hadn’t already done so when I was ChristianHour.

Is or wil anyone else be changing their names? What is the meaning or reasoning behind your original name? If you are changing it, what is the reason for the change? Thought id throw the question out to the community and start a dialogue.

If you don’t have psn you can still join in. What name do you think you would have picked twelve years ago and what would you think you’d change it to now? :wink:


My PSN name was Merimacdwarf-orc because in 2014 I was a big Elder Scrolls fan and it was based on ES lore characters Dumac Dwarf-Orc and Kagrenac Dwarf-Orc.

I changed it to MacForaday.


Added Gen Discussion since off topic no longer shows.
I am sheralmyst on all my devices and consoles…maybe that is not a good idea? :thinking:


Did it mess with your save games? Really don’t care about any besides NMS

Edit - should have googled - NMS is on the list of games with no known issues

Edit 2: Just tried it, NMS loads up fine, no vanishing data or any other problems. My psn is SingularGleam, which is what I would have changed it to years ago.


I was still connected to Mac as a friend on PSN after the name change. So in that respect, the change didn’t cause an issue.