How To Change My usEr ID

Greetings fellow friends, we have become like a family, in this I just wanted to say thanks, lol the fish we’re fine. (A small joke from before). I see the way we’ve evolved and hear so much these days about all sorts of good things and though NMS has had much hatred and ambiguities, we still all worked together. In the ARG, when Emily gave her resources for Toby, it felt personal after a while. I actually cried. When we began this step in the waking titan, i started worring in all sorts of ways but it’s pretty clear WE all came together. More of this has mean’t to me the world more than 7 times over. Over this time, this lead me to a dream of what the future could be, the a great wait has been lifted from my shoulders. We are a family, to me at least/Or more. This has felt like a sheild protecting me from reality sometimes, it’s like when we needed help on puzzles or anything like multiplayer or homes created, sharing resources, it made more to me than it might be possible to describe, maybe like 2/3 lol; margin for error maybe 1/4. We should look into suggestions for more creature creation and more invention idea’s? Maybe a project submission fourm?

Either Way, More Over,
Love you all.


Your title for this topic asks how to change your UserID, but the post itself has no mention or further information about this. It is not quite clear what you mean, but I assume you’d like to have your username changed? If this is the case, then I’d suggest to check the below topic and more specifically my reply there, which would answer that question.

Either way, we’re one happy family indeed!


Hey, you are so great with technology and music, have you heard of WEMO style music?

I have heard of Emo or Scremo, but never of WEMO, sorry. What does it stand for and do you have any examples I could listen to?