Username Problem

I haven’t been on this website in awhile, so if i make any mistakes, please let me know.

I know, this isn’t that much big of a deal, but i remember when i got a username change i requested last year. And one of the moderators allowed it, and the username change was successful.

I get back on, (this is honestly the first time ive been on it since early 2018)
and my username is back as “Jacob_2000_Lol”
when i changed it to “jacobklimek”
any advice guys?

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Odd, that. I’ve been back through your records, and the only request I can find for a name change is to the one you now have @Jacob_2000_Lol. Your old name was jacobklimek.

As far as I can see, your screen name was changed to exactly what you asked for.

Old post here:


Wait what?!
I could have sworn I’ve asked it to be changed to “jacobklimek” maybe that was after i changed my mind and decided i wanted “jacobklimek” to be my permanent name change. Any way you can find my other posts, or just can’t find them?


If you click on your icon itself, select your name and then click on “Activity”, it will show your last comments.

Btw, welcome back to the forums, Jacob.


When you first set up an account with this forum, you get a period of three days, during which you can change your screen name yourself. After that, the name becomes fixed.

After that, only a system administrator can change the name, but the process is neither easy nor quick. I have known it to take up to six months. It’s not something we undertake lightly. Personally, I would be unlikely to bother - but some leaders will take pity in individual cases, and will pursue the change - even though it involves a lot of time and effort.

In your case, @DevilinPixy decided to champion your cause, and put in a fair amount of effort behind the scenes, pestering the administrators until something was done.

If you’re now saying that the screen name you asked for wasn’t the one you actually wanted, I don’t imagine she’ll be too pleased. I know I wouldn’t be.

For these reasons, we now have information on the opening screen of the forum:

"Getting Started

Be certain you like your username as it cannot be changed after 3 days."

As @Polyphemus already mentioned, your username was ‘jacobklimek’ when you created the ‘Any Advice?’ topic, asking if it would be possible to have your name changed to ‘Jacob_2000_Lol’ (May 16th, 2018). That same day you messaged me in private to further discuss the name change, which I then forwarded to the higher-ups.

Well over a month had passed, when on June 29th, 2018, you were contacted by ‘CptJamesHarry’ to grant your wish to have it changed. I do not know what has been discussed between you and ‘CptJamesHarry’, but considering your username had shortly after been changed to ‘Jacob_2000_Lol’, I can only assume this was done as you wished for.

You can find all your private messages on your profile page. Click on ‘Messages’ at the top and they will all be listed by date. On the left you can select ‘Inbox’ (default), ‘Sent’, or ‘Archive’. You should be able to find what you are looking for there. If not, contact me in private so I can share what I have.

For all I know, you got the username you wished for. If you do however still feel that your username is not what it should be, shoot us a PM.

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Thanks guys, considering it takes all of that time, I’ll go ahead and just stick with this name. Don’t want to waste your time. Sorry for the mistake, i just can swear up and down i wanted it as jacobklimek

I haven’t been on this app since last year so i forgot all of my posts and how to use this website.
But now i got it.
I’ll also check my pms and go to my activities.

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Yep, just checked my private messages. I definitely made a mistake.


You’re not wasting our time. If there is an issue, we’d like to hear about it, to see if we can get it sorted.


Of course.


That’s OK then. We’re all allowed to do that.

I can barely remember what I was doing last week. Let alone back in June 2018.