Username change

I should probably be asking one of the leaders this, but is there a way to change your username? I’m honestly getting really annoyed with this underscore in my name. If you go to my profile, the “n” is on a separate line, and ITS KILLING ME. Thanks


Your user name comes up ok on my device.

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Discourse, by default, would have a grace period of 3 days since account creation, in which a username can be changed. The fact you are not able to edit your username, means the grace period set for this forum, has expired, or it has been disabled, not allowing a name change at all.

Generally allowing users to change their username, can be confusing, if you have been around for some time.

A username can only be changed by an admin on this forum. We, as leaders can only forward your request, which likely requires an exceptional reason for being granted such a change.

Let us know, preferably in a Private Message, if you want us to forward your request, including an explanation, and we will bring it to the attention of the forum admins.


Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal. I was kinda hoping it would be somewhere in the preferences and I just didn’t see it. Thanks though.


Ok, thanks for letting us know.

By the way, I’ll change the topic category to ‘Knowledge Center’, as it may be useful information for others.