Time Limit on Post Editing

I recently tried updating the information in the star catalogue I made, but I am no longer able to edit the posts. Is there a time limit on editing? I did save all the data, but I am really not looking forward to doing that from scratch again :cry:


Those of us with leader privilages can edit for you after the 2 month grace period for editing.
PM me the details and I’ll do it.


I just ran into this problem as well while trying to update my Unused Data thread. I was editing the previous version of that thread all throughout WT last year and it would be a real pain for everyone involved if I now have to submit edit requests to a mod.

There are good reasons for having this limit, even though in some cases it would be helpful to still be able to edit. This mostly goes for informational topics, where the main post requires editing to keep up-to-date, such as yours. Considering this does not happen often, and the ability ‘leaders’ or higher trust level users have to make edits if needed, compared to the complications of increasing this limit, the grace period of 2 months for post edits, will remain in place.

So please contact any of us in a private message and I am sure we’ll be able to help out. In this case I will message you instead, to discuss a solution.

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