Base Building Limit

So it seems I can no longer build in my main save. I am being told I have reached the limit but the game also says I can still build 900+ more of an item. When I begin a new build now, it no longer gives me the 3000 piece limit but starts me at a lower number. The bases I have tried are in different systems with no other bases in them. They are also off the ground and not affecting the terrain.
This is a real bummer. I can build in Creative but I do not really enjoy that mode and am not real excited about starting another normal mode game just to continue building.


The global limit for a save is 16,000 base parts. Sounds like you may have reached it.
What lower number does it start you at for a new base?

You can likely check and do a count with the data from a save editor. I can do this for you as well if you wish.

Only way to keep building without having to start over, is to delete. If you do not wish to do a fresh start, you can copy your save without the bases, to a new slot. You will then however not be able to see those bases anymore, unless you load the original save slot. Another account could be an option as well, to still be able to see those bases as a visitor, while being able to build again


Ok. Thanks for all of that. I imagine I have definitely tapped out the 16,000 parts.
For now, I think I will leave that file as is and start with my last Community Event save since I saved on a nice planet and have a ship and freighter that I love. At least it is better than starting from scratch.
On a better note, I just realized that all QS items carry over to any other save file. I thought it was only the community event items that carried over. That helps a little.
If I had a list of upgrades to save edit into my weapons and ships, that would be nice.


Interesting, I should have easily passed that amount (ps4). I have 14 bases, 4 have hit the 3000 part upload limit and 6 are large enough that I would have guessed 1000+ parts each. (I must be wrong, or they are using a new new math for their counting). I have noticed a few parts disappearing occasionally, maybe some of my lesser visited bases have unnoticed part rot. :slight_smile:


QS items do indeed now carry over as well, ever since they made changes to the save system. These amongst other things are now all saved in a separate account wide save.


Account-wide data such as cross-save Expedition rewards are now cloud synced , allowing access to these items across multiple systems when transferring save data via Steam Cloud or PlayStation Plus.

All non-consumable Quicksilver purchases , such as gestures and base building parts, are now treated as account-wide data rather than tied to a specific save slot.

Source: Frontiers Update - No Man's Sky

If you need help copying things from one save to another, let me know and I can help you out in DM.


The limit is 20 K items on console and 16 K items on PC BUT this total includes your freighter base. You can find the number of items using Goatfungus NMS Save Editor for example. There is also an individual base limit of 3K items. As to the number of bases, I have 270 bases and have yet to find the upper limit on this one. Hope this helps !


So I wonder why it is lower on PC? My freighter is heavily decorated. Had not thought of that and I love it as it is.
Glad I started a new game.


400 bases for a save, although not sure if this includes bases from other players downloaded into your save.


Thanks for the info my fellow Traveller !


How do you guys even keep count?? :crazy_face:


I don’t. Once in a while I look at my list of bases and think, “Good grief! I don’t remember building that many bases!” :open_mouth:

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I just reached the limit, again… The first time was the Local base limit but this time it must be the Global base limit as I could not even build a base computer or a save point anywhere. :frowning:

The only way I have managed it recently is to chop out some empty rooms on my freighter. I really only made some rooms there to indirectly store silver, (silver needed to make the ironic empty rooms). Now I use a living ship that ‘eats silver’ the extra rooms are not so necessary. However many of the rooms are now furnished and I love the rabbit warren of the freighter and getting lost running around in it lol

What I have done in the past is use the wonderful saveeditor to help transfer large finished bases to another save slot on a second account. It would be useful to have that function built into the game, so it makes it easier to continue with my original save from when the game was released. But I guess that function could be open to abuse, like resource hoarding or copying something.

At least though using a second account means I can visit the bases creations or tour them with others. That’s been my only work around for base limitations without using mods directly to override limits, which is not always wise if you want everyone to be able to use a base and see it properly without crashing the game.