How many bases can you own?

I’m working on a… project let’s say and this information would really help out.


As far as I know there not a limit however I could be wrong, I think HG has stated you can own multiple bases but don’t know if there is a cap?

From what I’m reading elsewhere in the forum, it looks like you personally can own one per planet.

So if you’re in a system with six different planets, you could completely own that system.

There’s always a cap, due to technical reasons. However, if no cap was intentionally put into the code for efficiency reasons, it is reasonable to assume that the natural cap is 32 bits… i.e. 4’294’967’296. So nothing to really worry about.

I think you can only have one globally visible per planet, but I’m not sure. Haven’t tried yet.

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I was wondering this as well. Thank you for the responses.

I definitely know it’s possible to have more then one visible per planet. I tested it. But so far I have 3 bases on one planet.


Well keep going and let us know if you get a limit. also I’m curious to see if you build multiple bases if the limit for building a base decreases.

I could be wrong, but I can imagine the cap to be the limit for amount of building parts you can place. This cap is likely a total part count shared across all bases you have created.

That would be surprising. The building cap makes sense as a local complexity limiter to make sure everything runs smoothly. I don’t really see a reason for it to be a global limit.

Are they all visible for other players too?

You could certainly be correct about it being local instead of global. It will take me a while to actually test this, as I don’t have plans to try creative mode any time soon, since I just started a fresh normal save :wink:

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Weeeeell I think. It’s a little big so it takes a long time for it to show up for even me