Terrain Edit Limit

I did not want to dig up an old thread but, with the TM Restore feature, we are supposed to be able to regain our terrain edit numbers. Has anyone tested this?
Here is the old topic, if needed.


I have not tested this new restore feature as of yet. I try to avoid terrain edits as much as possible, and in fact have not used the Terrain Manipulator in a long time.

I might give it a try on a test save, just to see what it actually does. For as far as I have understood, it has not solved the long standing issue with the plagued terrain growing back. Will post my findings if and when I do get some time to mess with it.


I have used the terrain edit restore a LOT building things undergound. (Not sure why I end up doing that lol!??) It has helped clean things up. What I assume is the edits are returned to their default.

But curiously when after a restore I dig again I can find holes that I missed which suggests allthough the surface model polys look restored, does the engine still track edits ‘beneath’ the surface or are the edits all reset.

But anyway restoring has made my builds lighter rendering wise. Or so it seems. Almost vertical restores like cliff faces sometimes are troublesome because of the stretched polygons, from blasting holes. But they do restore with accuracy.

Decoration items or parts can block restores unless parts are first removed. This is often the case in tight spaces.

Overall restoring and the terrain edit tool works well. Great fun.

The flattening tool is VERY useful and makes restoring large spaces much easier. Reworking old bases, I found the flattening tool more accurate and cleaner than my old blast like crazy approach! Easier than removing large areas with floor panels.

The restore function is the most efficient tool to use when burying/hiding things underground and also at cleaning up accidental geology canon blasts. (I do have to be tidy lol)

Do general planetary plasma divets count to terrain edit allocation? Outside of a base or even in a base I wonder?

We all clean up Abandoned building right ??? :smiley:


On PS4. (normal mode recent 70hrs save:

Deleted (my first) base cut into into a large monolith. Carefully restored the ground to avoid pockets. Terrain Edits circle guage still reads at about 10%.
At new bases (2) I restored all terrain around dented areas from placements of circular building & geobays Even went inside ground level building & restored from inside.
Some intrusion (but it’s ok because it’s a storm crystal ‘mine’ so it can be dirty).
Terrain Edits circular gauge still reads at about 10%. At least things look nicer.
Might change after a few loads and warps…
But mega builders beware: at this stage it doesn’t look like you get your TEs back.