The Galactic Avian Organization


I’d like to announce our new group!
Name: Galactic Avian Organization
Acronym: GAO
Description: We are an independent group focused on charting and studying the birds of No Man’s Sky! Our goal is to have a massive database containing masses of info on all of the species of birds that travelers have come across on their journeys. Everybody is welcome to join! It does not matter what other groups you are in, your console, how far you are in the game, etc.
Hub: While we do not have a hub at the moment, there is a possibility of one being formed in the future
How to join: Just reply below, and we’ll add you to group message!
Twitter account:
Discord: TBD

Hub Megathread
ETARC - A Brief History of the Forum and the Hub

Edit: added Twitter link
While the Twitter Page seems very… suspicious I guess, I assure you it’s real. We need a logo of some sort :thinking:


So do we just post pictures of flying animals we see here? If so I’m in.


What constitutes a bird? Anything that flies? Only Feathered?


Or a walking dog with wings?


Yep! Although adding more details like their names would help a lot!


Basically, but it can’t be one of those MASSIVE animals with those tiny little wings. As hilarious as those are I don’t exactly think they classify as birds :laughing:



Others found on my travels


Sooooo the flying sandworms count right?
Sorry its a bad picture.


Ehhh I don’t know. I mean, if you saw a flying worm in real life (besides screaming, taking pictures, etc.) would you call it a bird?


I do have this picture…

First creature scanned in NEXT!!!1!!!1!!


I have two from NEXT for ya

Plus this shot.


For anyone interested on joining or is already in, there is now a PlayStation community! It goes by the same name, “The Galactic Avian Organization” and is open for anyone to join! That way we can upload screenshots directly through the PS4 instead of using a USB to transfer. For PC members, posting in this topic is fine.


I call this Three Bird Planet



Scared of mirrors…:thinking:


Scared of mirrors? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I wonder what that means now…


Dear Ornithologists of the GAO
PSA: Get the S Class upgrade module for the scanner. About 450nanites. Massive Bonuses included. Geddit before it is nerfed.


I’m looking for it now!


@arpoja Scared of mirrors?

Mirrors = world of mirrors = X. Zeroliyanchia is a traveller = TRAVELLERS’ SOULS ARE TRAPPED IN X. ZEROLIYANCHIA

this is my messed up logic


I haven’t had much luck scanning birds in Next. Any thoughts on what I can do to fix that?