The elegance of Javascript: A Waking Titan Repose


I enjoyed the beauty of the code, the concise nature of the HTML, CSS, JQUERY, and JTerminal customized into to be some of the most artistically profound constructs in web design and developments that I had the privilege to interact with in years.

My sadness comes from the thought that the terminal, and all its iterations, will disappear with the conclusion of this wonderful ARG. I would wish and wonder if the puppet-masters would be willing to enshrine and allow access to the puzzles as they were, as they are not only amazing marketing tools from which to learn from, but also examples of what can truly be accomplished with fundamental web languages.

These are some Fantastic websites (echo-64, multiverse, MYRIAD, superlumina) before they were “taken over”. Simple, elegant, and clean web design. All supporting

Would it be possible for those of us that wished to explore the intricacies of the functionality behind these masterpieces to have off-line copies or simply be able to visit them again?

To show others “This here, is triumph in human design & mathematical language. This, is how you get your audience interested.”

that will be all.

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Elegance and Javascript… There’s two words that don’t make sense in the same sentence… :smile:


I like the cut of your jib, sir!

I watched the code since day one. They hide things AMAZINGLY well. For someone who interacts with JQuery and Java, it can get a little “sloppy” when your just trying to get a function you want to DO what you want.

–then to “clean it up” afterwards in such a way to be impenetrable to the uninitiated, while being next to impossible to follow the threads for those who know what to look for, and then hit the brick-wall on proper access functions by creating CORRECT server request/listening modalities…

That is elegance.


Contact A&S directly, I guess?

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Plus, to communicate here to in the hopes of shared sentiment with “Fellow Citizen Scientists”


The visible design was mostly based on templates and themes. Maybe someone remembers the names and can point you to them.

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