The devine ship!


Maybe this is what Emily created to experience Her sky (dream) with us!

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Must be an in-house image … Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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Also of note, we get to see the new races theme for buildings :slight_smile:

  • edit * no we didnt, derp, my excuse is long day at the ARGfice

Terrains pretty but i dont think that mountain closest in the middle is as big as some people around the interwebs are making it out to be, though it’s shape is much more believable :slight_smile:

Also the mountain furthest out thats faded, just wear it meets the ship, I cant tell if thats a structure on the mountain, or one of those noodley terrain snakes we’re all familiar with?

That looks very familiar to a korvax building though, every races doors are different, that has a korvax door, although I could very well be missing something.


That’s 100% a korvax observatory


To be honest, I trust your word over mine :slight_smile:

  • edit * your IMAGE over my word haha

Messed with rgb levels a bit

I think it is just snake terrain on the mountain

not sure if space station or planet/moon with space station in front of planet (the lighter circle in centre)


Good eye sir!! At first I thought it was a smudge

We can take from this image, that it is a Korvax System, on a Noxious (possibly extreme) planet. There is at least 2 planets and 1 moon, and nothing else to show what kind of star, so I guess Yellow? Maybe this is reference to AkodoKusamoto from Twitch hunting for this particular ship, he has been contacted by them in the beginning. I wonder if he has seen this yet.


Sorry, I was behind in the information. Real Life comes before ARGs. -(


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Well this one did come up on the screen during Twitch stream so hopefully its legit.

Here is a lighter version of the photo, to show some more of the delicious detail in the ship: