The Budullangr Amino Hub and Port of Call

I would like to announce the birth of the Budullangr Amino Hub on ps4. Situated in the Edbyra Band 3000ly from the center it’s at the edge of stellar existence.
The Edbrya Band is between Xibarb and the Rupiaya Expanse, below Leyserq and above the Arm of Yadiabey.
The hub is named after the first community I joined for No Mans Sky but is welcome to all travelers from all corners of the multiverse.

To get to the hub currently you will have to journey to the center of Budullangr to find the hub, use to regions stated above to help you find it. If you haven’t finished the story line and would like to head to Budullangr then remember the word ‘Ancestral’ and you’ll know when the time comes. It’s unknown as to whether you’re meant to be able to claim a base after going through a portal after a traveler reported not being able to claim a base on the planet they teleported to, so for now we’re undecided on enabling that method for now in case it starts stranding any other travelers.

To mark a system within the Edbrya Band as part of the hub simply upload the discovery with [BAH] at the end of the name. This only needs to be done on the system name and not the planets. moons and life. All names must be kept family friendly, there will be no exception to this but these are the only naming rules.

We have an official Twitter account where you will be able to see screenshots of Budullangr and the Hub as well as keep up to date if you don’t check ETARC regularly;

Denzhen Neudin, the namesake of our little port, is a place for anyone with the right glyphs can portal to. You may wish to just visit our hub and look around, participate in any events or meet ups or to try settle in the hub by claiming a nearby base to obtain your ship and then venturing out into the hub for a more permanent base. Using this method is unconfirmed as a bug or not and has stranded a player using this method shortly after 1.35 dropped, so while we don’t endorse this you’re welcome to try if becoming somewhat of a gate guardian is an appealing option if you do get stranded.

Hub Rules & Guidelines

Keep all terrain art, celestial bodily names and creature names family friendly.

While you’re welcome to put comm stations anywhere around the port barring the immediate pathways out of the portal, not all travelers will welcome this as the icons may be an annoyance to them, so make sure to check their bases for comm stations stating their openness to this.

All systems discovered in the Edbrya Band or for the hub in future must have [BAH] at the end of their names.

No one is allowed to permanently settle in the port system of Camchel. The only acceptable time to have a base within the system is if you’re making your way out into the hub.af7e277368488f40791c43c86382f9f834185340_hqc542bb582cb13fe70ec95afd569cd00e987e895e_hq

Our current team;
Red_Genocide - Founder
Mjw8441 - Co-Founder
Rubberman - Promoter, Logo Designer

We are all new to this so thoughts, idea’s, comments and tips are all useful in helping us.

We will keep this post up to date so make sure to check back. BAH


I’m in Budullangr but I’m on PC. I do have a PS4 version but don’t use it often. But if I ever get to Budullangr on the ps4, I’ll stop in and race ya around a portal and back!


Nice Logo! :heart_eyes:


Credit goes to Rubberman. He created our logo but I’ll pass on the love :v:

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We now have a Port of Call, with an address you can portal to. In future I hope to add race tracks centered around the portal, so challenge accepted :+1:

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How can these various BAH rules actually be enforced? I’ve always been curious about that.

Calling them rules is a bit of a stretch on my part, they’re more guidelines for members to follow as well as reinforcing the games rules.

I was thinking I can be part of the Rule Reinforcement Team and drive unruly peeps out of the system with ballista guns blazing.