The Abyss - Plot or Easter Egg? (Possible Major Spoilers)



This traveller clearly trusted the water, had a little drink and now he’s suffering the consequences of explosive diahrea brought on from a waterborn parasite.


The “water” seems to be a repeated theme in these messages. “We drank the water” is another one I’ve noticed in the crashed freighter dialogue.

Definitely something to be revealed in the future.

My advice is to only drink tea, or coffee, or beer. Water is clearly dangerous.


This is the one:


These are a few other abandon buildings I have encountered that seem related to this inquiry (posted in order of discovery):


Historically, water-born diseases were one of the top killers of travelers and could wipe out entire settlements.
I have no idea if this is related but its a fun fact.


So since we know Atlas adapts things from outside the sim into its world, is this where we get the Korvax?


Call of Cthulhu

by H.P. Lovecraft - Audio Book :no_mouth: for reference…


I’ve been thinking, all the atlas is, is a hard drive for storing echoes that have yet to be utilised in the real world, the echoes are kept on a simulation loop so mentally they stay healthy and active and don’t deteriorate into rampancy while waiting for real world utilisation.

Artemis’ fate is a reflection of what is actually happening within the atlas. Think Black Mirrors San Junipero episode.

I believe just the travellers are echos, as it is emphasised throughout they are “free” of the simulations routines and free to explore, reset and remember, with polo and nada being the exception (due to an encounter with an early traveller in an early cycle in the sim) and that though the Korvax have a lfie cycle of echoes and energy, I think their religion/history/ideologies are just based off of and inspired by the simulations true purpose.


Those are great, but you missed the one that says “I walk on shards of broken reality, into the infinite and shattering forever.”


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Yes. It is being discussed here