Factory Lore

Those of us who have played the game for a while will be aware that there is lore attached to the abandoned buildings. A sub-plot, that is released in small instalments with each new building you visit. The story plays out in a specific order over 20 - 30 visits (I haven’t counted them). When you get to the end, if you keep on visiting abandoned buildings, the story starts again.

What I wasn’t aware of until recently (I think it’s new), is that there is now similar lore attached to the manufacturing facilities / operations centres - the ones where you have to blow the steel doors off. But it’s by no means so obvious.

When you visit these factory buildings, you will usually be given a little task or puzzle to solve. If you complete the task correctly, you get a reward, and some of them are extremely valuable. They are, for instance, where I got my 18 million plus blueprints. I suspect most long-term players are aware of this, too.

What you may not know is that the tasks and puzzles in these buildings also come in a predetermined sequence, and there are a limited number of them (again, around 20 - 30 I think). Once you have completed all the tasks, the buildings stop giving you rewards, and start giving you lore, instead. There isn’t a lot - perhaps 6 or 8 snippets of story, but it’s fascinating.

For instance, I’ve long suspected that the Explorer ships were made by the Korvax. Well, they are. And not only that, they have minds - intelligences just like the Korvax bodies. Here’s that one as a taster:

Good luck hunting that story.


I suppose this next one could equally go in the Easter Eggs thread, but it is factory lore.

The Korvax have been manufacturing synthetic Gek, and infiltrating them into the Gek population as spies.

To catch them, the Gek have borrowed the Voight-Kampff test from Blade Runner. Except a true Gek would turn the tortoise back on its feet, not from empathy or kindness, but so it could sell it water! Hilarious.