Something I found in NMS

On my playthrough yesterday, I came across this. There are creepy abandoned buildings on planets that are overrun by some kind of tenticled virus. Each building has a data log that pulls a final transmission, each one more intriguing than the last. Anyhow, this is one of the ones I found yesterday. I feel like it ties into the “Old Gods” theme from the early emails. In the game, Atlas (some focal remnant that is calling to you to follow through the galaxy) is believed to be an extinct Titan. I feel more and more now that Atlas is a TRAPPED Titan and motive for the call is to release it.

The theory of what happened was that the Sentinels conquered an earlier race and merged them with technology. It reminded me of something in that “Help us” message:

“Without the videocom to help us, we’re pretty much stuck. They can’t find our devices. Help us.”

They can’t find our devices. Maybe the Sentinels infected the devices as the beginning of the invasion. Sentinels perhaps being minions of this “precursor species.”

I’m loving being involved with this!