Just thought this was cool, in light of the WT puzzle


I’d always been curious of these logs in the game, because the left dialog box starts with “Returning user identified.” Does that mean the one logging all this was myself? Like another instance of me or perhaps a long forgotten memory?
Or maybe it’s more like it recognizes me as the same species as the user who input the log? I’m inclined to the former however.


At the end of the abandoned building lore, the narrator ends up trapped in a time warp and sending the message to himself in the past. This begs the question: Is this ourself sending these messages back to us again? Maybe it warns us and prevents us from making the same mistake, and thus we have created a new timeline.

I could go on, but the mind-boggling possibilities are endless.


If NMS exists within a simulation that iterates over and over, why would the data logs a previous version of you wrote still be there? When running an experiment you want to be able to reproduce the results. A new instance of the simulation should start with clean data. I’m leaning towards the idea that the logs still being there signifies something having gone wrong with the simulation.

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