Technology Module


Has anybody managed to find the blueprint for crafting technology modules?

I don’t mean the salvaged technology you dig up - I mean the technology module you buy from traders, which is used to build and repair just about everything mechanical and electronic.

I have now gone through the whole sequence of manufacturing centre / production facility blueprints. I can make just about everything - but the technology module is eluding me. Where can I find it?


That is a very good point. I have also not seen the blueprint for the technology modules. and have most/ perhaps all of the other blueprints.


I’m 99.99% sure that no blueprint exists for them. I have the blueprints for all craftable products and now factories give me like 100-200 nanite clusters per correct response…does it matter though? They’re for sale everywhere and they are very cheap.


It’s probably silly, I know, but it matters to my “maker” mentality. If I’m going to build, make, and repair things, then I should be able to make all the necessary parts and ingredients. If I have to buy things, then crafting becomes a bit pointless. I might as well just buy stuff in the first place, rather than struggling to fix stuff and gather ingredients.

And I actually enjoy the crafting part of the game - but not if I have to buy stuff.


You could submit a feedback ticket to Hello Games…worth a try.


Says the billionaire… :smile:


You don’t have to be a billionaire to easily afford 60k…get some scanner S modules and every plant pays 62k, every animal between 140k and 420k…investigate a couple of ruins and you get a minnimum worth of 150k. Most missions at the space stations pay upwards of 200k. It’s really not hard to come by the units needed for a few tech modules really fast.


I agree that they’re cheap. It would be fairly easy to buy enough to do all the things I need to. I think @jedidia is just having a little joke.

My point is that if they’re going to have an extensive crafting system within the game, then it should be complete. There shouldn’t be certain crucial items that you can’t make. I don’t mind if crafting them is difficult, or complex, but they shouldn’t make it impossible.

Within the game, there is a full commercial trading system. It is possible to acquire everything you need, without crafting anything.

In my view, the crafting system should be equally complete. It should be possible to obtain everything you need, without buying anything.

As you have suggested, I will send a ticket in to Zendesk. It’s not exactly a bug, but it’s something I think needs improving.

Thanks for your help. Very informative.


If you need 30 of the buggers to repair some parts of a crashed ship early in the game, they don’t seem that cheap :wink:


Well, as you progress along the commercial side of the game, they fairly quickly become cheap. But that really just illustrates my point - some of us prefer the crafting route. And without access to a blueprint for the technology module, we are prevented from pursuing that goal. We are forced down the commercial route - which is not necessarily where many of us want to go.


I believe many of the Upgrade Modules also return those Technology Modules when deconstructing them. Still not a way to craft, but it means you can get them with nanites as well.


I still have about 50 of the things clogging up my inventory from when I dismantles all that obsolete tech. If you can convince Sony to do pc/ps4 Crossplay for this game, they’re yours :wink:


I don’t know about the recipe but I have found it simple to unassemble tech parts or buy them from a tech shop either at a shelter or station. Buying unused new parts and breaking them is also quick.


I just deleted all of mine after I used what I needed…pointless to keep them around…they’re easy to find and cheap if I ever need some again.