I think I found a fatal flaw in the procedurally-generated blueprint nonsense


Just because something is S rank doesn’t mean it’s better than what you have. I have the photonix core of course and I thought an S rank pulse engine would be better, but it was actually worse by a fair number of points. Unfortunately I don’t have screenshots of the S rank because I forgot, but just wanted to see if anyone else found this to be true sometimes. I also have an A rank shield module that’s better than the S rank shield module, at least in strength.


Yes but the thing with that is that you are limited to only three procedurally generated bits of add-ons per main tech but the proper techs do not count towards that cap…so while you can only have three procedurally generated pulse drive addons for the pulse drive the photonix core lives outside of that cap so you can add it on top of three rank S pulse drive addons where you’re not allowed to have a 4th procedurally generated pulse drive addon anyway.

This applies to all regular tech with the procedurally generated tech…take my jet-pack for example…I have 3x S class procedurally generated bits AND the two regular tech bits I can uninstall and reinstall at will.


True but I mean back in the day I did a lot with a few upgrades I don’t want to have to take up so many slots with upgrades, especially on my ship. I just would like to have my old blueprints back. I only really built the most powerful blueprint upgrade. So for me to have 3 upgrades on something is weird although I do have that on my life support unfortunately.


I use 7 life support upgrades, 3 modules in tech and general inventory and the blueprint one in general inventory.
And 5 shield modules 2 in tech and 3 in general.


It’s a give and take kind of thing…where now you can have more bits for some tech such as the jetpack for example you can now have up to 5 bits, others have been greatly reduced…like the mining beam which you can now have only a max of 4 extra bits on top down from 15…hell every weapon system for both multitool and ship is down from 9 or more extra bits on top of the main weapon to now a max of four.


That sounds like it shouldn’t happen…careful if they patch it…you’ll have overcharged tech if they do and I am pretty sure one of my save corruptions happened because I saved with overcharged tech…even though I later fixed it and over-wrote the saves it didn’t matter…my saves were already corrupted. I know they fixed some of the corruption issues but not all of them…there are still people with corrupted saves out there. You’re playing with fire here.


I’m not worried, tech slots and general slots are separated and always have been. It brings me about up to the same shielding and health as before next so it isn’t overpowered or anything.

Edit: Also if they patch that out for no apparent reason before they give me my glyphs or base missions they are nuts.


If you want shields you messed up…you want you want defence upgrades for that…life support support doesn’t give you shields…it just increases how long your life support lasts before it needs more oxygen.


Life support gives health also, the shield modules I mentioned are for shields.


Actually it doesn’t…this threw me for a loop too and is completely counter intuitive but life support upgrades don’t actually give any bonus health…not anymore…now you get extra health from shield upgrades…because I guess more shields also make your body more healthy and resistand to damage after the shields go down… :grin::grin:


Makes total sense!


Yeah I took me a little while to realize and look at the shield upgrades to know they give you more health blocks for some reason…

Also right now for whatever reason when you look at a thermal protection module if it says it protects in sub-zero environments it actually protects in hot environments and vice-versa. I’m pretty sure that’s a glitch LOL.


Identical name but don’t be fooled you need different ones for heat and cold protection…buying from the stores can be a bit glitchy where when you pay for one you actually get another dumped in your inventory…it’s best to just reload and then go buy another tech adjacent to the one you want to get the one you want…it’s usually either the one right above it or right bellow it or something like that…happened to me once with some tech. I think it was protection too. Toxic and Radioactive were next to each other but buying one would get you the other so I had to reload and buy the wrong one to get the one I wanted.


There’s another problem too…the underwater protection tech does not seem to spawn in stores above class B at all…you can’t just buy class S underwater protection. I was lucky as hell to get a class S drop from fixing one of the broken technology random bits you find scattered around on planets.


And of course the eternal question of where are the freighter drive upgrades now?


You can find class S hyperdrive techs in store…procedurally generated…each can give between 200 to 250 light years to you jump range…and each adds one extra jump per warp cell…so with three of them installed you can jump 20 times with your ship before you have to fill it up again.


Yeah I got one for my ship and I have two of the three blueprint upgrades for my freighter but I never bought the third one so I hope I still can.


The three drives that give access to the systems with various star colors spawn in the regular tech portion of the stores…they all do spawn in stores I believe…just pot luck whether you find them them.


I think we’re having miscommunication. My ship is fine, I’ve had all three color drives for a very long time and I’ve seen and have one of the upgrades for distance. My freighter on the other hand only has two of the three blueprints for the freighter hyperdrive to give it more distance, the B one and the C one I believe.


Ah ok, those should in theory spawn in the regular tech at stores…but I don’t remember seeing them…no idea how they’re supposed to be obtained now…probably the same way at the mythical efficient thrusters…