Procedurally generated tech is glitched!

EDIT: Ok so I had a toxicity protection tech installed in my main suit(the 48 slot compartment) and as soon as I landed on a toxic planet the game instantly crashed and when I reloaded all the tech that I installed myself in those 48 slots was gone. Only the starter three remained!!

Original post:

Is it just me or does the procedural tech seem sort of broken? I have found about six different life support module boosters and I had four different ones marked as class B but one was +96% health and +89%, +56%, and +32%…ALL marked as class B…how? the +96% is three times larger than +32%…what’s an S class supposed to be? After I installed the +96% I got up to 6 health points…after that installing the other three seemed to do nothing. Is this accurate or does it make each health point take more hits to bring down or something like that I can’t see?

There’s also tech that seems straight up useless…like a boltcaster tech that only provided +1% cooldown bonus and nothing else…what am I supposed to do with that? Notice a fraction of a second reduced cooldown? Which I doubt the game is even capable of applying due to how minute it is. And there was another life support blueprint(yep class B) that provided +1% bonus to solar panels or something like that…I’m totally lost here…what? What solar panels and what does that have to do with life support?

Am I totally missing something here?


From what I’m understanding so far and this could be way off, it seems to matter more what you install now.

I’m hoping they’ve saved us space on our multitool slots by only needing a few upgrades installed rather than all of them which will enable us to have more tech installed altogether.

With the health module example you gave, could it be that your superior upgrade virtually maxed that stat? This is a little contradicted by the strange classes/stats though.

As I said, I could be way off here.

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That’s what I’m thinking that the one upgrade maxed out my health…at least as far as the game allows it to be maxed out.

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I’m looking forward to all the, “S Class Upgrade at these glyphs” posts.

There are still bugs which will hopefully be fixed very soon. I want my S Class Hauler back!


I think too many upgrades to a particiular tool sort (ie bolt caster) overloads it.

I Think the goal is to find the best upgrades and ditch the old ones…
Of course I could be totally wrong.


Seems to be 3 modules of a particular type is the max. I tried 4 jetpack ones and it killed the others until I removed 1

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Correct but I never installed all 4 health upgrades, and I never had a benefit from any 2nd one after the +96%. I simply pointed to the value of all four to illustrate what I believe is the game failing to properly assign class to these things. And the one tech that caused my game to crash was the toxicity protection and I never had more than one of those…the only tech I ever had overcharged was the ship shields tech and that one I immediately uninstalled the 4th one.

I’ve had the same issue installing a heat hazard protection module, it’s gone now, I will wait for patch before trying again.

With regard to adding bonus modules, I think the configuration matters like before, putting them next to existing tech of the same type, would be nice if we could move them about and experiment without having to dismantle and rebuild

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Not when you’re talking about +89% and +96% separately…each one in essence about double the base…which is 3 health…the +96% was certainly rounded up a bit as I got another three heath points from it but even with zero optimization(which I DID have) the +89% should have at LEAST added another one point of health if it could, but most likely should have been +2 health rounded down…sure as hell when I added the +56% on top of the other two…optimization didn’t do anything there and couldn’t have. It looks like six health is the new cap…no longer eight.

With zero connection bonuses 96%+89%+56%=+241%.
If the base 100%=3 health points then 1 health point = 33.33%
So with zero connections rounded down the 241% should have been(if the game allowed it) +7 health points for a total of 10 health points…but I never got a 7th health point.

I have also noticed that installed modules disappearing from my main exosuit slots after reloading. All of the modules actually in tech slots seem to be fine.

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Yeah, this is in the latest patch notes as an upcoming fix.

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Whenever I add tech/items to my inventory/tool/ship, I always save the game at a location (*I do NOT rely on the “exit the ship” to save my progress). This seems to have cut down on the missing items on reload bugs.

With the installed tech: I think HG now has designed tech to be keep the best, scrap the rest mind-set. So if you have a possible of 5 upgrade items per blueprint, you scrap the bottom 2 and keep the top 3. This way, you are on a constant upgrade cycle on all your tech. It also creates more monetary sinks to the game! -)


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What I don’t understand is, why did they even bother to change the tech upgrades, which were one of the few things that actually worked perfectly in Atlas Rises?

And why did they find it necessary to make the basic materials 5 times more complicated without significantly increasing inventory capacity or adding any way to auto-sort or auto-organize the inventory?

Why did they make the guide not show information on things that you have not discovered yet? How am I supposed to know what I am missing if it’s hidden…? Just roam around and randomly do stuff?

What was wrong with the old tech upgrades and materials? When Atlas Rises came out, they changed a lot of that stuff again, and I thought, “Man, I hope this is the last time they muck around with the base game.”

But noooo… it seems they were only getting started! Why can’t they just get it to a certain point and then leave it the heck alone, and just concentrate on adding new features instead of changing all the existing features that work just fine??? Seriously what are they thinking?

And please don’t say, “I like the new system better.” It’s not about whether the new system is better or worse. I’m super annoyed not because I don’t like the new system per se, but because there was no need to CHANGE it. There are lots of other things that would have been better for them to sink their dev resources into.

For example, they did not address the issue that discoveries get deleted out of your discoveries tab after a certain amount of time, which could be 15 minutes if your save file is really old, or it could be a week or two, depending on how much stuff you scan in. In a game where the whole point is to discover stuff, this frankly seems like it deserves being fixed much more than the crafting system and materials.

As well, what if players don’t want to redo everything again? We already had to redo all the base building quests when 1.3 came out. That was pretty lame. But now we have to regrind ALL the tech recipes?

I’m not against a procedural tech system being added to the game, but they should not have removed all the previous upgrades. They should let players gradually transition instead of forcing people back to the level of a complete noob. For crying out loud!!!

PS4 has so many crashes, bugs, and performance problems that I am completely dumbfounded why they would have prioritized yet another complete re-do of the base game (which I thought was really great in Atlas Rises) instead of focusing on ironing out all the performance issues and crashes, save file issues, data loss issues, etc. that have blocked many of us from playing our old saves at all in the past months.

Why would I sink in another few hundred hours to a game where it seems likely they will just wipe all my progress and discoveries yet again whenever they feel like it? I should just be OK with that…?

Increased variety, I think. I’m slowly getting the hang of this.
The percentage shown when buying a module is mostly useless. What you have to look for is class and the stuff that gets augmented. The percentage is an indicator of which of two modules of same class that modify the same properties is superior, but nothing else.

I just did an experiment, bought an S-class movement upgrade and a C-class. THe c-class had the higher percentage value, but it’s not actually a glitch. It’s just terrible UI (very, very, very terrible, I might add).

The C-class module listed Jetpack fuel and sprint distance, and showed +10% on the buy screen.
When installed, it gave a bonus of 10% on sprint distance, and 103% on jetpack fuel.
The S-class, on the other hand, listed Fuel Efficiency (I think that means the rate at which your live support drains when jetpacking), Initial Boost Power, Sprint Distance and Jetpack Fuel, and showed a modifier of +6% on the buy screen.
When installed, it gives a 6% boost on initial boost power, 18% on fuel efficiency, 40% on sprint distance, and a whopping 202% on fuel capacity.

Now imagine if you can find 3 of those (or potentially even better) bad boys, you’ll have a bloody falcon heavy on your back! :smile:

So yeah, don’t look at that percentage modifier in the buy screen too closely. It tells you nothing.
Honestly, I really start liking this system. Having most of your upgrades payed through nanites encourages exploration over grinding for resources, in my opinion, and the procedural nature of the upgrades keeps things interesting, since you might always find one just a bit better than what you have.
Of course, buying a new multitool or ship now carries most of its cost in nanites. I’ll have to see how that turns out in the long run.

They did significantly increase the starting inventory, and normal suit slots now stack up to five items, so you really can’t complain about that. Sorting… yeah, that would be nice.

It seemed that to me the day Atlas Rises came out. It felt like a contraption that kept as much as possible the same while trying to integrate new things, but didn’t really succeed at it and the new stuff felt tacked on. Seriously, If I had to pick one feature from next, and not get all the others, I’d pick the crafting overhaul. Without hesitation.

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The problem with all this procedurally generated tech is you have no idea how good it is or exactly what it does until you actually install it…even the class isn’t much good at telling you that…it could be a worthless +1% or something really good even at class C or B…so you end up having to install it, make the decision whether you want it, and if you do you have to reload the game scrap something you want to replace and then install it.


I completely agree. We should see the bonuses for tech modules before purchase.

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The loss of all my tech upgrades has been my only gripe with the update.

I know before you had to have 1, 2 and 3 for the upgrade to be effective.

I saw in the space station there were mining beam upgrades A, B, C and S. Do I have to have them all again or do I only need to purchase S?