Underwater Protection Module

Has anyone found an Underwater Protection Module better than class “B”?

I hadn’t previously bothered with the things. My Roamer functions perfectly adequately as a submarine. OK, it’s slow underwater, but it gets the job done.

But since the Abyss update was announced, I thought I really should improve my underwater capabilities. Since then, I’ve visited more than 200 systems, looking for upgrade modules. Just about every space station I’ve visited has had a class B underwater module. None of them has had anything better. I’m starting to think better ones don’t exist.


I believe all of mine are B Class. I have a Backup Air Filter, Self-Cleaning Lung Replacement and an Efficient Air Harvester. I checked the local Space Station and all I found was a B Class Module which turned out to be another Backup Air Filter which I can not add without negative affects. I have searched every Station for something better and can not find anything either.
I can not swim very far without constant recharging. I am hoping we get a submarine since underwater exploration has , so far, been limited to the kiddie pool.


You can get an S class from a damaged machinery, if you’re lucky…


That’s something I was wondering about - whether it might be a task reward. And, from what you’ve said, it is.

Good to know. Thank you.


I think he’s referring to the damaged nanite pods, that’s where I found my S. I’ve seen reddit posts where people have apparently marked specific pods they’ve found, so it appears to be procedurally consistant.


Just saw someone post this on Reddit



Damaged nanite pods?? Possibly some language differences here. I haven’t come across these.


Thank you, good to know that they exist.

Now, how do I get them?

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I meant this thing https://nomanssky.gamepedia.com/Damaged_Machinery, the ones that give ya nanites. They sometimes give upgrade modules, and rarely it may be an S-class Underwater Module.

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Ah. I see. Thank you.

I have repaired hundreds of these, and I’ve never found any kind of upgrade. Let alone a class S underwater module. They must be extremely rare.

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I just checked reddit again. This post is fairly recent and appears to have been confirmed on PC & PS4 https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/9lqtkd/euclidps4normal_underwater_s_module/. I may head out there now myself, grab me a spare module.

Update: So I did check it out myself and can confirm it’s there! Follow the coordinates in the title of the reddit post (not the other coords inside the post - those go nowhere, not sure what that’s about). The comm ball icon didn’t appear at first, only when I started to get closer to the coordinates. It’s at a Holo-Terminus (the lower one, there’s another very close, higher up on the mountain).

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Brand new game, only an hour or so old :star_struck:


Sure, rub it in @Mad-Hatter. :wink:

I ended up staying on the Vy’Keen planet I linked above longer than expected (still there now). Knowledge Stones seem especially abundant there, often in groups of 2 & 3, and I’m very deficient in Vy’Keen on this save. Also finding a decent amount of Damaged Machinery pods, and large groups of Sentient Plants & Floating Crystals & Star Bulbs. Seems fairly well populated overall.

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Three classes of Underwater Protection upgrades exist, B, A, and S. It appears that C-class is non-existent.
The B-class can be found at Space Stations, while A-, and S-class, are both a rare reward from Damaged Machinery.
For those curious which class they actually have, they can be distinguished as follows, when already installed:

  • B-Class
    • Name adjective: Backup, Secondary, Upgraded, Efficient, or Self-Cleaning
    • sub-title: Underwater Oxygen Upgrade
    • description: A significant upgrade for the Aeration Membrane
  • A-Class
    • Name adjective: Supercharged, Extreme, Saturated, Organic, or Pressurised
    • sub-title: Significant Underwater Oxygen Upgrade
    • description: An extremely powerful upgrade for the Aeration Membrane
  • S-Class
    • Name adjective: Hyperpressure, Deep Water, Abyssal**, Microbubble, or Pure Oxygen
    • sub-title: Powerful Underwater Oxygen Upgrade
    • description: A supreme upgrade for the Aeration Membrane

For each of the above, the adjective is followed by one of the following to make up the full name of the upgrade:
Air Filter, Air Harvester, Breath Recycler, Gill Unit, Gas Pressuriser, Air Circulator, Lung Replacement, Gas Pumps, or Rebreather

For example, I used to have an A-Class ‘Extreme Gas Pressuriser’ until I found an S-Class ‘Abyssal Gill Unit’. Interestingly enough, my A-Class never showed the adjacency outline, while my S-Class does.

Only one upgrade will function, similar to the various other protection upgrades (Thermal, Toxic, Radiation). There appears to be no point in installing multiple, even though they indicate to allow up to 3 max, with an overload warning if 4 or more are installed. I am unsure if this is intended behaviour or a bug, although I assume the former. Protection Upgrades also appear to trigger a bonus when adjacent, although I am unsure if or how this is translated in-game.


Thanks for clearing that up. I never bother with the Damaged Machinery which explains why I have never found one of the A or S class. Also explains why I saw no improvement.