Tech Upgrading in NEXT?

I am having a real hard time understanding how to upgrade exosuit tech, multiool and ship tech. Please can anyone help me understand. So far on my multitool I equipped all S class boltcaster modules but would not let me put more then 4?

Is the goal to have everything S class tech wise?
Should it be in alphabetical order ABCS?

if S class is the goal, why does it still feel basically the same?

What setup should I strive for? examples and pics would be greatly appreciated


From what I have seen, there is an overload condition by modding a technology too much. I do not know if this overloads because of too many modules or too many bonuses.

I would take this as a bonus cap that leaves you room to add modules to other techs for the space. When I know more, I will post it here.

One word of warning, avoid adding modules to your main exosuit area until a patch fixes it, All of my installed modules in that area disappear after a reload.


There’s a cap of three upgrade modules per base tech (so 3 for the boltcaster, 3 for the mining beam, 3 for thee scanner, 3 for the scatter blaster, etc).

There seem to be some issues with those techs still. I found a space station where S-class had the least and C-class had the highest bonuses :smile:
Glitch was gone when I came back by the system the next time, though.

I would think the goal is to have the highest accumulative bonus you can get, though it’s possible that the class carries some additional buffs that are ill-explained. I’ll leave it to Xaine to figure that out. :smile:


I have at least 5 adjacent items with some base techs. Does it not count the supplement techs and just the module count for the 3 upgrades.

It’s 3 modules per tech, as far as I understood it. I.e. for every blueprint you build, you can add 3 modules to boost it. You can add a fourth, but then all modules for that tech will stop working.
This is purely as I understand the manual, though. I’m playing survival mode on GoG, so I am significantly behind the rest of the world that plays an easier mode and got the game 8 hours earlier :smile:


I wonder if the 3-adjacent upgrades grant bonuses still applies in this version. Do the borders still light-up on the upgrades?

I see a lot of swapping out sets of 3 every time you get a better blueprint! -)


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Yes, they do.

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Found a multitool tech item, was on my exosuit inventory, and i wasn’t able to install it on the multitool. Thought it was a bug, but no.

Found that you have to click first install, then switch to the ‘right’ inventory this tech.
It seems that there is a difference between tech item and tech recipe…

Tech item vs tech recipe
Pro for item is they include all things needed to craft (whereas with the recipe, you have to craft each element)
Cons for item is that you have not the recipe when uninstall (whereas you have it for good with the recipe)

That’s why i think recipe tech are best on long term.
But to start with few elements in early beginnings, tech items are cool too.

Be sure to wisely spend your nanites


Can anyone tell me how you can see if there is an overload for having too many upgrades?

My Life Support for example, now has 4 adjacent upgrades, they all connect and show blue. I can’t seem to figure out if this is too much or not, or if any of them have stopped working.

I am also continuously getting these Life Support Modules (B) from my base computer. Even my newly hired Armourer just gave me another one of those. How do I best use them, as there is no way of seeing what stats they actually have. Do I need to gamble, destroy an existing one, then hopefully get a better one to place in its place? Or can we see the stats when ‘installing’ before placement, being able to place on top an existing one? I am still somewhat lost as to how to best use these. I have several now, for Life Support, decided to start storing them until I understand.

Any help is appreciated :wink:

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Someone, somewhere here was saying the % bonus doesn’t seem to matter as much as the class of upgrade. S being the best, C being the lower.
3 upgrades is supposed to be your limit before you overload that particular tech…
That’s all I’ve learned so far…

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True that class matters most, as each class has a range of possible percentage improvement. A C-class can be better than an A-class, although less likely, as their range is lower, but there is an overlap. So in the end it is all about the percentages for improvement, especially when not having the S-class upgrades.

I did hear that 3 is max, which is fine with me. I just don’t see it or notice it, so I am curious how we arrive at that conclusion.

Hopefully someone can explain in detail. Just don’t feel like taking risks, not knowing what to do, or how it works.

It’s in the GUIDE menu,under NEW FEATURES, last paragraph. :wink:

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Thanks, had not seen that, although that should render my Life Support upgrades non-functional, which is NOT the case however …

My other question still remains. If you want full bonus, connecting 3 upgrades to the main technology, how to go about it? Once you have 3, it becomes a gamble, or am I missing the point? As it requires taking one out, to replace it with an ‘unknown’ new one.

I think it IS a gamble. Over time you probably get a feel for the best combinations but this early in nobody seems to really know.
I think logic is best. High % & higher class and then evaluate. Maybe a notepad too, for future reference.
NMS is the only game I’ve ever played which resilts in a notebook sitting beside me.

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I figured it would be a gamble, as the only thing you DO know is the class. You have no clue about the percentage or what it is actually going to do, until actually placed.

In case of my Life Support, there are so far two possibilities (or a combination):

  • Solar Panel (faster charge)
  • Life Support Tanks (increased oxygen capacity)

I guess most upgrades will have limited varieties for the tech they are for. I think I am starting to understand and willing to take a few out, hoping to get better results. As seen in the image, I have one C class, not being that great, and a low B class (actually worse than the C), reducing it to 2 total. Will allow me to at least try one of the many I have stored. Still odd my Life Support using upgrades, even though I have 4 total currently. Will stick to 3 from now on, just in case.

Thanks for the help :heart:

Don’t know what to tell you. These are what I’ve got.

Exosuit General Inventory:

Exosuit Technology:

I tend to add things until the exclamation marks appear. At which time I remove the lowest Class upgrade(s). I’m starting to concentrate on buying Class S.


Ah is that what is supposed to indicate you have added too many? Not seen that happen yet, with the 4 I had added to my Life Support.

You actually have 5 upgrades for Life Support, although spread across inventory and technology slots. Are they counted separately, allowing 3 in each?

I don’t know how they’re scored.

For a while I had five of the jetpack icons . I added the Class S and had to delete two from the areas marked with an X. I do think that the Jetpack works for a longer interval now.


So when you had 5, an exclamation mark appeared, which then went away again after removing the two?

Maybe I will experiment a bit with a new save and save editor, just to see what happens.

Hi @DevilinPixy

From what I have seen you can have only 3 upgrade modules. These are different than technologies, which do not count against that number of 3. Every base technology has a buffing technology associated with it (I think the scanner has 2 of these.)

As for the gamble, that is exactly what that is. I have seen C-class upgrades that were better than the B-class upgrades next to them. Although a reload may work, but I haven’t checked to see if they are predetermined or random upon install.

I hope this helps.

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