S rank Underwater Protection Module Eissentam



Do Underwater Protection modules of the rank S ever appear in space stations on Eissentam? I’ve been going to space stations like crazy, and can’t find one.

Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Thanks in advance.


You can only find them as a reward for repairing the broken machinery on planets.


Gosh no wonder I’m not finding any. This is good to know. Thank you!


@SingularGleam is correct, you get them from broken machinery. Some have reported locations for these, as can be seen in @MacForADay’s video here. I don’t think that one is in Eissentam though.


Thanks DevilinPixy,

I’ll check that video out after work. If I do find one, I’m going to stick a beacon next to it, and report the coordinates on this forum for sure to help others out.