Double shields not working?


So before next I had 2 versions of the same type of hazard shield in my tech slots, for example two radiation protection shields. But after getting two s class upgrade modules and putting them in my tech slots, when one runs out the other doesn’t kick on.


Yeah that doesn’t work right anymore, I’m not sure if it’s intentional as you don’t get the overload - hopefully fixed at some point. Have you reported it?
If not, I recommend doing so.


I reported it of course, I know to do that first LOL. I hope it’s not intentional! I know they made a lot of dumb choices and changes with next but this is one I would hope they would not do because then what’s the point of having more than one type of environmental hazard shield?


What has it ever been? There has never been a good reason to have more than one per type.


Well you used to be able to have one shield kick on after the other shield was depleted before your main environmental protection shield started draining.


Yeah but you also couldn’t have more than one good one…the sigma and tau were always just wastes of resources and slots…so it’s probably better they just restricted this to having a single good one this time.


They weren’t as useless as you think.


When you want to wander an extreme weather planet on foot 5 extra minutes of protection is nice.


They didn’t give you any “extra” time to wander on a planet…the additional ones simply ate up the same amount of resources as the theta but gave a lot less time than the theta…it was too easy to just refill the theta every five minutes…far more efficient use or resources rather than throwing them away on useless sigma and tau.


Efficiency is all well and good, and so is having more time between recharges. I don’t use it and never have, but I’m confused why we would need to criticize someone who likes that :man_shrugging:
In my opinion one of the great things about this game is the ability to play it your way, so removing options doesn’t seem great to me.


Pre next I had tau as well as theta installed in my Calypso game . I felt a benefit with all the extreme biomes. Sigma not so much but tau was noticable.