Ship Technology

Hi, with all the great minds on here, I’d like to ask a question.

Do you have to install all 3 tech’s of say the beam coolant or to save space can you just install Nu 3 of the group? This goes for all the technology we have on our ships.

Let me know your thoughts.


The third upgrade always gives the largest boost and if you install all three you get the benefit of all of them.
Also if you install them all next to each other they will even give an additional boost as they are in sync.
But if you are low on space, you can install just the third.


Inventory slot layout is something you should also consider when buying a new ship, (unless you get a 48 slot of course) as the placement of the tech that cannot be deleted in relation to the gaps in the inventory should be influencing your purchase choice.

Most commonly, this applies to Fighters, sometimes you will see the Deflector Shield placed on the top row and underneath it will be an unusable slot for eg. You can still add the Shield upgrades but you won’t get the full bonus potential of them touching.

Have a look at the ships that land and see where their tech is placed and plan where your upgrades will go to see what I mean.


Thanks for the info fellow travelers, didn’t know about them touching to get better boost.

Looks like I’m spending a few days , weeks rearranging my tech on all my gear.


And a:Tech/+2/+3/+1 will give a better bonus than Tech/+3/+2/+1. An upgrade give a bonus to the one it touch so it’s important to place them a good as possible.


Remember warp drive upgrades allow you to travel to different color stars, so you need them all.