Looking for some new blueprints, any ideas?


More specifically I’m looking for Salt Refractor, Sodium Diode, and Oxygen Filter blueprints…needed for both suit tech and freighter warp reactors.


I have found a vendor with the single landing pad outposts that sells tech and those types of materials.

You can also tech hunt from manufacturing facilities.


Manufacturing facilities do not give anything for me anymore…once I got all the blueprints out of them in 1.38 that seems to be the end of that. So if blueprints for this stuff exists they have got to be elsewhere.


After 3-4 of them, the Salt Refractor blueprint showed up last night.

The other 3-4 were the nanite, unit or “lesser of evil” puzzle reward type.


I stopped looking after two or three because 1.37 made it so tech blueprints couldn’t repeat and that if you had any left to learn the factories would be guaranteed to give you a new blueprint.


Could it be that they are just less frequent?


Possible, played a restored version of my pre NEXT save today as the one with lots of NEXT progress decided it didn’t fancy loading up anymore(hopefully they fix it…I have a S class freighter on there and about 20 amazing frigates I spent A LOT of time hunting down) and was able to find two new blueprints…still can’t do any base building quests and I can’t obtain the blueprint analyzer or the higher tier refiners.