Blueprint- Glass


Does anyone know where you get the blueprint for glass? I’m at the mind arc part of the story. I finished all the missions for the scientist, and I have the blueprint for Living Glass but not regular glass. I can’t tell if it’s a bug, or if I need to find it at a command center (or other) location.


I got the glass blueprint from the Construction Overseer.


Yes, the base construction quests seem to be the same as before. Just plop down a round base building and proceed as usual.


Great. So my questions now shifts to where do I get the blueprint for the construction terminal? All I have is the science terminal.

@sheralmyst do I need to build a metal structure before I get the Construction Terminal? I’ve only built wood so far.


After you put down the Round Base building (from the Blueprint Analyzer) the construction terminal should be the first thing you are asked to build then you have to find a Gek to man it and he gives you the quests.
I built like a ton of wooden stuff only to realize I just needed to build the old Round Base.


@sheralmyst types faster than I do :grin:


Thanks for the help :grin::+1:


Thank you. I was also wondering about this.