Tachyonic antitelephone

Mentioned on the Superlumina site - http://www.superlumina-6c.com/portfolio/tachyonic-antitelephone/

This incredible invention, while still in progress, has astounding implications for our understanding of the very underpinnings of how the universe works! By firing high-energy tachyons from an apparatus and accelerating them to faster-than-light speeds with a dedicated particle accelerator, we can send data to any time before the emitter was created! It is our hope that initial testing of this device will commence later this summer, after our dedicated facility is constructed. If this project is completed: We could change our future, and our past!

References and Connections

In recent decades, there have been various proposed ways to possibly remove such paradoxes, either by invoking the Novikov self-consistency principle or through the idea of branching timelines in the context of the many-worlds interpretation.

A video made covering the concept - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yJHZkaMVWU - connects to time dilation, causality paradox, FTL topics, cosmic rays and a potential model of the universe using the concepts of light cones (see here for transcript - The Event Horizon: Transcript: Can You Phone the Past? The Tachyonic Antitelephone

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https://arxiv.org/pdf/hep-th/9508164.pdf - The Tolman “Antitelephone” Paradox: Its Solution by
Tachyon Mechanics


One more quickie before I tear myself away from this madness for the night.

[quote=“jojo, post:1, topic:1078”]
By firing high-energy tachyons from an apparatus and accelerating them to faster-than-light speeds with a dedicated particle accelerator, we can send data to any time before the emitter was created! [/quote]
This is clearly written by someone on the website who lacks scientific knowledge, or this is misinformation. As jojo indicates in his links, tachyons by their very nature are faster than light particles, and have the weird backwards effect in their looking glass existence that pouring energy into them slows them down, the reverse of how energy works in our reality. I’m not sure what to make of that. I wonder if the misdirection has something to do with science involved, and the time distortions which seem to be happening more and more…


Well - I included the quote as it came from the Superlumina website itself - as to the physics behind it - that is what I thought the knowledge center is for :wink: I am eventually putting up a tachyon topic and a few others (unless someone beats me to it - which would be cool) as trying to stick to Emily’s concept of one concept per topic (although they do overlap). There are some actually papers about the potential of tachyons working using different concepts of mass, but I’ll pump those into the tachyon topic :slight_smile:

PS - Jojo is a nickname in this case for Julie :slight_smile:

PSS - as to the misdirection - we are dancing on the edge of “our universe’s” proven theories here, so there will be many theories, hopefully the knowledge center can provide resources we can use to then talk about those theories over in the WT Theories Thread


Tachyons are so far only postulated. They have not been observed in labs. If they were to be observed by us, they would appear to travel backwards in time, in that its properties would change as a result of changes in their system that would happen afterwards.

They would also have complex mass, i.e. its mass would be an imaginary number. This is just a result of how the math would come out, and have no intuitive explanation. The whole problem arises from an infamous square root expression within many of the relativistic formulae, that results in taking the square root of a negative number when velocities are larger than speed of light.

The whole problem with “accelerating from standstill to a speed faster than the speed of light” comes from the fact that the faster a particle travels, the more energy it takes to accelerate that particle even further. In this way, it takes infinite amount of energy to accelerate any object with mass to the speed of light.

Hence, it is impossible for any object with mass to travel at the speed of light. But the converse statement is also true: it is impossible for any massless particle to travel at a speed lower than the speed of light. But I digress.

Tachyons are thus particles that are only able to exist at speeds faster than the speed of light, and it takes a constant input of energy to keep them from accelerating but an infinite amount of energy to have its speed reduced to exactly that of light. Contra-intuitively, this also means that unless we keep injecting them with energy, they will continuously accelerate without effort until they reach infinite speed. Truly infinite, like traversing the whole known universe in a fraction of a second.

What Superlumina should be doing then, is not to accelerate Tachyons beyond the speed of light, but rather to invent a technology that manages to capture infinitely fast particles so that they have some sort of finite speed instead, and then use that speed to travel backward in time, relative to us (the observers).

This is a weird concept indeed, and maybe we can forgive the ARG developers for this oversight.

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@jojo Sorry I only read your post carefully after having posted my rant about Tachyons below. If you wish to post a separate Tachyon thread, feel free to copy paste my text into that one. Or just let me know and I’ll do it myself :wink:

[quote=“jojo, post:3, topic:1078”]
PS - Jojo is a nickname in this case for Julie :slight_smile: [/quote]
My apologies Julie, pleased to meet you. I’m Stephen, or Steve. :upside_down_face:

Anyway, my post was about Superlumina, and why they would make such an incorrect post on their website. I’m still thinking there’s a reason for that. As bcatrek states, the hypothetical properties of tachyons are all out there. I have to assume that the Superlumina team isn’t lying and has managed to harness the little critters for communications and other purposes. Elizabeth Leighton must be using this process to send messages into the past which are increasingly overlapping, which also means that at least one somewhat functional videocom is working and feeding us information. Or something cobbled together from off the shelf parts…

But why muck up the info on the website? It’s amateurish and shows lack of care on how the project is presented to the world. I keep thinking it might be some kind of misinformation… to keep unsavory outside parties from taking them seriously? Curious, curious…

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My guess is this is hinting at new tech in NMS. With the new antitelephone you can either retrace steps in the past of your own journey, or go back to the beginning of the universe and find the history of the races. Maybe with the particle accelerator you can now travel any point in your timeline. Or is it multi player communication perhaps?