Atlas = Skynet 2.0?

I was thinking about all the technologys of these various companies. And the most scary one, although the Echo’s are very creepy, ist the Tachyonic Antitelephon.
What could someone do, if they have Access to such an Technology.

Imagine you are an Inventor and you have an idea for an incredible machine. You know the development will take a few years, for all the research and stuff like that. With the Antitelephon it would be easy, Just work a little bit until you reach the first Milestone in your research, gather all your data and send it back to yourself in the past. You repeat this process a few times and you’re finished in no time.

My Suggestion for the whole Waking Titan is now, that the Atlas Foundation created an AI (the Atlas) and gave it access to all the Technologys of their companies. And like Skynet, the whole thing got out of controll.

The Atlas used all the possibilities it was given and developed itself in a record of time.
The Videos are now a cry for help to stop the Atlas.

What do you guys think?


Yes, it’s going to be No Man’s Skynet.


even more - their site also talks about data transmission and so on - in fact that is a common thread through all of these, making, transferring, storing, accessing data…