FTL = Backwards in time combining Multiverse with Echo

Hi all! I got the following idea through an image that was sourced from one of the WT-related websites, I will link it separately below. Here is my main message:

One of the testimonies on the multiverse site is from a company called FTL. As an avid sci-fi gamer and physics-nerd, this abbreviation usually stands for Faster Than Light, as in FTL travel. For example, in Mass Effect, ships use FTL technology to travel quickly between star systems. I do NOT believe FTL is just a random abbreviation.

According to theory of relativity, a certain type of particle is theorized to travel faster than light; these are called Tachyons. Tachyons are travelling backwards in time, as compared to our normal “forward in time” perception. This is according to Mr. Einstein.

Echo claims to be able to bring back the dead through advanced audio technology, and they are using multiverse to be able to “break the laws of physics”. One could think that they are using audio messages from back in the day (needing to travel backward in time to do so) to be able to reproduce them in the present.

In other words: FTL might be linked to Echo in ways still to be discovered, by the use of Tachyons to retreive personal-profiles of long-gone people.

Speculation: If you go far enough in the past, you might risk Waking up the Titan! Think Balrog in Lord of the Rings… if you dig deep enough, your greatest desire becomes your doom. Sort of. Minus the fireworks. But regardless, Elizabeth might be “Stuck in the past” after having transported herself back into the past, and is desperately contact us in order to enable bringing back either her or the Titan, or both! She might originally have thought to use the portals in No Man’s Sky to be able to do so, but since the last transmission created an error LOOP 16 UNEXPECTED ERROR she now needs our help.



Holy smokes, there was an entire thread about this that I just found! Kudos to @Wickedobject

And here are the images that I originally referred to. Kudos to @Orioncrush

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Ha! How come I didn’t see this? I have like 500 hours in the game! :stuck_out_tongue:

I mentioned this in another post but it think it is just referencing the ‘other’ website. FTL is the more common term for ‘Superluminal’ which is one of the other sites we identified pre-launch.

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yes, and “superlumina” would mean exactly this: faster than light!
Feels good to have the next website’s name already sorted! :slight_smile:

Not every door should be opened. Or maybe to leave it closed is folly. Or it’s both at the same time.

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Time will tell my friend. The above post was written jokingly of course :slight_smile:

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