Thoughts on echos!


Maybe I am way of base here but just had a thought. From what i was reading in other topics the consensus seems to be that they can send more types of data back than just messages. Would it be possible to send a actual echo back with there technology. Maybe not something advanced as a korvax but someone set up all of this and it seems like it would be hard to do with just one way comunication from the future ?
If this has already been chewed over my apologies been busy haven’t had a chance to read all the threads here.


Correct me if I am wrong, but an AI is just software, so if they can send a video or a webpage back in time they should be able to send back an AI program via a sattelite signal and upload it to the internet.

Unless, of course, the AI requires more advanced hardware to function like a quantum processor, then it might not work.


Yep Kinda my thoughts you see them send korvax to a new body quite often one will disconnect and another gets sent to replace it.


There is no different kinds of data. Well, no, obviously there are, but they are all convertible. You can send binary data as sounds, as text, as images, as smells if it needs be, or as a stream of electrons, which is what our computers are doing. They’re doing quite a bit of that in WT, as we all know. The only thing that matters is that the tools for interpreting it exist, but at the end of the day, I could cough a hello world onto a very large handkerchief in morse code.

Platform is an issue, but far from an unsolvable one when considering sending a program back through time. It would be a major hurdle when sending it forward, because you lack information. But as long as you have proper documentation of the platforms used in the period, being able to send a message back in time would also mean being able to send a program back in time, yes.
It would be diminished in capability by the available hardware, you’d have to compensate for that. And you’d have to arrange for somebody to receive the program, set it up in the proper environment and execute it, which will either need willingness or trickery. I would estimate the chances of sending back a viral program through time and it successfully taking over and holding a significant enough piece of infrastructure to be slim, since I would hope that any computer capable of receiving messages from the future would be sandboxed and off the net. Some human error might still provide you with a stroke of luck, though.

Darn, looking at what I just wrote, I get more and more reminded of Vernor Vinges “A fire upon the deep”. Not because it involves time travel, but because it involves a god-like AI trying to spread into corners of the galaxy where its power is small due to the capability of the hardware in those places (it has to though, because the protagonists are after the safeguard program that could destroy it, which was smuggled to such a “save” location).

EDIT: Also, I’m now having nightmares about having to set up a complex distributed application in a cloud-environment on Ubuntu machines, following instructions written at a time when the OS wasn’t in use for several decades… dev-ops is complicated enough as it is, darn it! :smile: