Concerns about the Echo Company

I am going through the Echo site now and looking more at the company and connections. This is a piece that caught my eye

“We partnered with Chinese company Alibabbi to utilize their new cloud computing infrastructure, improving our service tenfold overnight and introducing Sesame Credit support for all users.”

Sesame Credit is something I have been watching a bit as it is gamification of losing your privacy… Is Echo data being used for other things?

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It could be being sold to other companies for a profit.

Hello Games is stealing our data?

If WT ties in to No Man’s Sky the most likely way it integerates to the lore of the game seems to be a theory posted by Reddit user ModdingCrash.

Theory tl;dr: The Korvax are a robotic race within the NMS universe. At some point in the past they were human and decided to upload their conciousness after death to machines in order to live longer. After some time they all became essentially robots. Within their lore there are a lot of references to echoes. The NMS lore revolves around a race called Atlas (atlas networks are listed on the Echo company site).

You will find a lot of quotes on the Echo website that seem to match this theory. What I am getting at is that at the moment to me it seems likely that this ties into NMS and that as part of this game we are playing parts in a universe before the humans uploaded themsleves to the cloud and eventually became Korvax. In reality if you lookup Sesame Credit you will find that the actual name of the company is Alibaba Group, not Alibabbi. The Echo website also contains a lot of references to things that are simply not possible with todays technology - there seems to be a bit of role play goint on. So hopefully this is all just a way to tie this into the lore.

Within NMS there are some hints made about the synergy of the Korvax race and their worship of Atlas. Maybe Sesame Credit is one of the ways this has been achieved within that universe before the transformation.


There are a number of ethical and moral issues connected to this. I know in another thread @Emily mentioned being interested in this technology as it could connect to those we have lost. But there are a lot of sticky wickets to this. The ad we heard shows just one of the many things maybe to think about - misuse. Then there is the concept of reliability - how can we trust things to be real (and not fake news, ok just joking, I digress). Then there is the concept of privacy, what if someone uploads an echo of you or someone else without their permission. ANNNNDDDD there is huge IP (inteletual property) concepts - a lot of entertainment people are rushing to protect their images (here is one example - and View of Tupac’s “Holographic Resurrection”: Corporate Takeover or Rage against the Machinic? | CTheory ) I can just see a whole new field of law springing up… assuming Echo has not already thought of that… if echo is working with governments…

anyway, just rambling…


Tying in with the NMS references, Ali baba opened the cave entrance by saying Open sesame… reference to a ‘Portal’ which is what is coming out of the cassettes - (source:

Well Emily does say she misses her dad. I wonder if she’ll use the echo software when it comes out to bring her dad back.

She mentioned that in another thread - the possibility is a double-edged sword

Don’t confuse it here, Alibaba and the Open Sesame are real Chinese internet companies/services which took the terms out of the Arabian stories.