Communications from the future to us in the past

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My guess now because of the key words Tachyonic Antitelephone, High-powered Signal Generator, Mass-Density Data Transmissions, Interstellar Listening (all things needed if you want to send a message for help into the past) post that what we are getting is messages from the future/different multiverse that these radio stations are picking up on. Perhaps because the NMS tapes have the word portal that it has something to do with multi-universes are opening (in NMS)up due to the portals? These are all guesses. Hope this helps. (and btw this is fun!) This might have something to more to due with NMS then we thought? ( I could be wrong big time thought!)

Oh add these to it!

Well if this signal gets into the NMS multiple universes we are screwed! Explains all those abandoned sites with the corrupted buildings!
“Reports indicated advanced technology at the sight apon registered long range scans even before I authorised the expedition exactly where the singnal originated. hypothesis: singnal uses the promise of tech to lure unsuspecting explorers to sight location, indicated by test results of the biomass which showed a similarity to existing DNA strands in all known sentient species, indicating that at some point these culture samples where not always apart of this biomass and might have been fellow adventures.”
Myspace524 post also stated. echo gives a voice to the past Break the laws of physics sky is not the limit help us make new discoveries echo gives a voice to the past

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Tachyonic antitelephone - Wikipedia

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Echo, a voice to the past, could refer to Carl Haber (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory).
He is one of the many Atlas group members, an international alliance of labs and universities that conduct experiments at CERN (Atlas Experiment).

Carl Haber used a machine called SmartScope and made a machine he called IRENE (Image Reconstruction Eliminate Noise, Etc.). Both these machines make it possible to preserve millions of sound recordings that are currently being lost because of lack of usable equipment to play them on, and because the audio recordings are becoming increasingly frail.

Interesting article from The New Yorker here:

Also see:

The other websites could certainly reference the work of the Atlas group as well.
Curious to see how this plays out, as I am patiently awaiting the … never mind waiting. GO CHECK IT OUT!