Polytopes, Octahedron & Superluminal speed

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I have been looking into superluminal travel and communication and found some similarities when looking at the Atlas symbol. It appears to be some sort of red pulsing polytope that suspended and rotating inside of an Octahedron. Could this octahedron be used as some sort transmitter or antenna to send information through space-time and into the past? Does this ( https://arxiv.org/ftp/physics/papers/0009/0009076.pdf ) show how the octahedron could be used as a dipole and how it could be used to send a message back in time without violating causality?

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This goes way over my head, but the similarities are uncanny. And the uses definitely fit the NMS lore… I just have no idea where to go from that except wait to see what they decide to do with it. Great, in-depth look here. Unfortunately I can only offer speculation after this.

If you find anything else in the coming days (like Saturday) please do tell! This is quite fascinating, I’ll try to wrap my head around it.


A bit of the atlas lore references causual events. Here’s a linky. I’m sure it will go over well here.

(Spoilers) Abandoned Facility - Full Story


No problem! I’ll keep you updated if i find anything else. I have a feeling superlumina.6c will clear a lot of this up.

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I’m in the same boat. But I know Atlas quite well, and that looks to come in handy.


“The red giant consumes itself. The interactions between spatial shearing zones in the system are causing the formation of a singularity. Space-time is becoming malleable. I am unable to depart.
In the ashes of a dead world, I exhumed the corpse of the ship that had sent a message to me across the millennia, the ship that knew my name. Crushed and warped by unimaginable forces, I could barely recognize it. But I see a corroded Odvinsko hyperdrive, a cryo-pod. The same as my ship’s.
My vessel is buried here. The voice is mine. I am warning myself-'”

  • So at a point in time you have sent a message to yourself. When you receive the message, its sent at superluminal speeds through space-time from inside the octahedron, to a point in the past where you are able to receive it before you have sent it. hmmm

Maybe another piece to the original machine. Here again. Innnnnnput.

1.00 atlas dialogue. Suddenly eerily relevant.


Theoretical physicist here.
The paper linked to by OP restated what is actually known since before, namely that no information-carrying signal can travel faster than speed of light.

I am perplexed as to why he uses electric dipoles so much, since there is nothing in his analysis that actually uses the unique radiation profile of a dipole. Indeed, at the end of the paper he acknowledges this, by essentially saying that this could apply to any signal.

One should note that this is not a peer-reviewed paper, rather just uploaded on a public domain. It’s quality is that of an undergrad physics student. Seems correct though!


Thanks for the reply. This is hurting my brain haha. Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Superluminal Motion in the M87 Jet - NASA/ADS when reading about superluminal motion, when they refer to “6c” does that mean 6 times the speed of light?

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Yes, you are correct, c stands for the speed of light. The motion measurement of 4c-6c is however assumed to be an optical illusion and not true superluminal motion. See:


Yes this is correct