Synthesis Guide To Finding Crashed Ships

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Just thought I’d give a small update on my findings…

81 buildings and then at least 30 distress beacons in a row - I thought I had it made. So, I went to sleep and when I woke up decided to continue my search. Suddenly the planetary charts started discovering more buildings? Had they been refreshed overnight or had there been a bug which prevented them from being discovered by the charts?

It got to 100 buildings (waypoints) discovered and then nothing but distress beacons again. It was quite confusing and after a while (I’d discovered yet another 36 million crashed ship on the same planet) the planetary charts almost stopped working altogether. But not completely. Approximately 1 in 5 of them still found a crashed ship of some description.

By this point I’d become very disheartened and decided enough was enough. My curiosity had hit a brick wall. My conclusion is as follows…

Every planet has a decent number of crashed ships. Only a very small percentage of those ships are worth anything more than 5 million. The amount of trouble you have to go to to discover those valuable ships is just not worth the trouble, whatever method you use. The programming is too buggy or it is deliberately designed to frustrate you - planetary charts finding nothing one moment and then finding something several seconds later, from exactly the same place, is very confusing.

I’m off to find a living ship - the crashed ones can stay there.

I did my bit for science.