Summary of Major Bugs Still Affecting PC


Since open problems and issues are neither acknowledged nor listed I am trying to assemble a list of the major issues affecting playability on PC. If there are issues specific to other platforms those should be in separate threads to maintain cohesion and help separate chaff from wheat. Similarly, something that is more of an enhancement or improvement does not impair gameplay.

These are listed in order that they came to mind, not priority, difficulty, etc. Since I have been waiting for a more playable version to come out I do not claim to have tested or confirmed these. I am creating this from posts that seemed credible in this, Steam and GOG forums and it is possible that some of these issues may actually be fixed but I either missed it or release notes lacked specificity to see that the problem is supposed to have been fixed.

  1. Game progression stymied and some missions or tasks still cannot be fully completed in a save created before Next. Similar problem may exist with exosuit slots in that pre-Next original saves may not be allowed to increase to the same number of slots that the same exosuit would receive after Next.
  2. Memory leaks affecting and limiting gameplay.
  3. Ladders and stairs not either working or installing properly possibly due to animation problems.
  4. Disappearing doors at bases.
  5. Frigates have problems with not reporting damage and damage that cannot be repaired.
  6. Terrain fills back in or regenerates after using the terrain manipulator making large portions of bases unusable or inaccessible.
  7. Many structural components do not lock together. Possibly reminiscent of the failed Mars Climate Orbiter when the construction engineers used English while NASA engineers used metric?
  8. Increased error rate in false reporting of resources identified in scans (i.e., wrong resource identified or resource identified but not present).
  9. Inadequate design of setup and security options for playing with imaginary friends leading to destroyed game play and/or progress. Does not apply to the unwanted step-children that purchased through GOG.
  10. Discovery servers and/or data base architecture cannot handle the workload from Foundation Update let alone the increased number of players starting in the two months in the hype leading up to release of Next.
  11. Inconsistent determination by the game of when all available technology and/or blueprints have been discovered.
  12. Storage containers have problems with placement and construction either preventing installation or allowing multiple installations of the same container(s).