Storms 🌩

Origins has introduced new Storm elements, share your stormy encounters here.


Lightning Storm


Before Origins, storms were a bit of a pain. Now I love love love them!



Lightning Storm on a Frozen Planet [taken from a mountain top/high point]


I got struck by lighting and managed to survive. :cloud_with_lightning:

However, it all happened so fast, I don’t have any photos. At 1st, everything was so calm and peaceful, and then this storm just came out of nowhere, and was so unbearably server and the lightning was amazing. Once it was all over, I waited a really long time for another storm to come back, but when it did, it was much calmer, this round. So I still couldn’t get any photos.

Here’s a few pics of creatures so you can get an idea of what the planet looked like…


Storm chasing tornadoes

Amazing mechanics, seeing it dissipate at the end.

Meteors & Lightning



Sorry if the pic are blurry this is what is like being in a sand storm.



Had a strange issue on a ‘barren’ (cacti) type planet.
Storm rolled in and then I recieved a warning; something a about an ‘electrical something detected’.
Half my screen went black (presumably the graphics related to the storm) and then there was a flash and the ominous black screen of death with a quote.
Returning to my grave resulted in the same graphics black out but the grave icon was visible so I retrieved it blind and got the heck out of there.


I’m getting to where I really dislike storms. They’re much too frequent, and much too hazardous. I recall back in the first year of the game - I was a Day One player - that protective upgrades were much more effective, even C Class upgrades, and we could still explore, swim for a decent amount of time, and manage to accomplish something.

Now, everything depletes like mad, even S Class stuff, even TRIPLE LAYER S Class stuff, so every five minutes I have to go hide or a lot of my resources or batteries will get spent feeding my upgrades. Which means I tend to quit planets before getting very far, like seeing if they have any secrets. The only reason I spent so much time on that one planet Monday was because there was no weather at all.

I’m aware that this is kind of a survival game, but I don’t find it the least bit charming that a survival game has a Survival Mode. So, what’s the difference, one is more survivory? I wish on non-Survival Mode, storms were maybe a little milder and definitely less frequent. Save the five minutes nice / five minutes hell routine for actual Survival Mode.


I just carry a huge stack of Ion Batteries in my suit cargo & replenish them from time to time. Added 3x S upgrades to both sides now (not just my tech side & found 3 ‘X’ upgrades for Hazards add a good % perk to a carefully set up suit. It does reduce the suit capacity somewhat so much of my ‘haul’ gets zipped straight up to my Capital Ship to be sold/filed later.
The wild worlds are sometimes very wild now but it feels more realistic. I’m enjoying it.


I wish environments were a little saner. Wild is fine, as long as the world reflects it. I’ve come across planets with temperature mood swings that can run more than 200F without storms, and they can bump that another 250 plus or minus. And a lot of those worlds were verdant, when they should be desolate with such harsh climates. I’m wrapping up a chapter in which I touch on the craziness of this a bit. :upside_down_face:

I’m definitely there with the tech having spilled over into my suit storage capacity, and carrying a carpload of batteries and replenishment.

My fic has made me nostalgic for my “home” world I woke up on in August of 2016. I spent about a solid month exploring that sandbox, because it had so many marvels to find. My other friends were stunned to learn that, having moved on to explore their star systems and out into Euclid, and I would have been much richer faster if I’d just gone one planet over, to a barren world loaded with emeril. It’s long gone in my history, but I have coordinates for a world not too far down from it. Maybe this weekend I’ll make a return trip for a bit…


Wind Events


It’s funny how many times I’ve experienced so many of the same things within a few hours of someone’s posts. I happened to encounter a supercell on an isotopic world, and being a weather buff, I knew what that portended. Sorry about the shoddy images, but the suit had to overempasize the “rad effects.”

On a Minor Outpost landing pad, a tornado is about to engulf a Save point post. I start to back up to get to the safety of my ship which I’m pretty sure is going nowhere, and the next thing I know…

Off I go into the wild rad yonder. Another must have snuck up behind me, and right as the storm was “clearing.” This lasted for almost a minute beyond when the storm supposedly passed. There were at least four tornadoes.

Some fellow twister riders that unfortunately have no jetpacks.

Someone posted that they died in their encounter with one, so I was a little worried, but it dwindled away without incident, save for some dead wildlife.