Planetary Weather


Is it just me or since update 1.5 the storms are much more frequent? Is everybody experiencing the same thing?


I was on a planet that had frequent storms but I have moved to a calmer planet with hot rain. It is not happening with the frequency of the previous planet. Are there still extreme planets? They had more frequent storms before, don’t know if it is still the same.


Was watching a stream last night and can confirm there are still extreme planets, with frequent storms, making it even worse. Saw a hot planet during extreme hot storms reaching a temperature of over 300°C … Extreme enough for you? :wink:


I have found planets with almost no storms and planets with a lot of storms. I am currently on a planet that has had only 1 short storm in over 5 hours of game play.




Can imagine it hard finding :egg::egg::egg: on such a planet, they’d be :fried_egg::fried_egg::fried_egg: instantly


Not really…I’ve seen planets with very frequent storms in 1.3 as well and I’ve seen planets with very rare storms in 1.5…probably just roll of the dice.


I’ve been flying around on a “temperate” planet with frequent rainstorms, and I could barely see the ground before crashing into it.

Hello Games, I need an altimeter! :smile:


Calypso seems a fair bit harsher than before, lots of storms everywhere and a lack of visibilty often. Very atmospheric though.


During the noob tutorial there are a few scripted storms.

  1. Leaving from the broken ship to get the rubber thingy (technical name) and
  2. Just after you place your first building floor piece.

Fortunately, on this world (Mal’s world), so far there have been no other instances.


Ok, I just had to find solanium. Yipee, a Firestorm planet with storms about 5 minutes apart, temperatures up to 300 and extreme night temperatures up to 540. Hazard protection was lasting about 20 seconds per charge. Sheesh, that is the worst planet I think I have ever been on and it took almost an hour to find solanium plants.


Yes it does seem that extreme planets are more extreme…so glad I found a nice calm planet to settle on.