Weather after teleport 'sticks'

Decided to create a new topic for this. It may seem similar to the cloud/ring layer render issue, but is actually different. This is not specifically a render issue where it is rendered on screen on top of everything else where it shouldn’t. This is rendered just fine, but should not render at all! Why would we have weather or more specifically, storms in space???

When teleporting from a planet to a Space Station, while there is a storm active, this weather ‘sticks’ when in space. As soon as you arrive on the space station, the dusty clouds or storm is still active. When flying out in space it is actually still present, although hardly noticeable. When entering your freighter it becomes more visible again.

I don’t need bad weather in space … why on earth ??? Please fix!


Is that what that is? :joy: I was just pretending my freighter was haunted.


Hehe, yeah I reported this in my very first Next zendesk submission. The new planet-biome-based shaders are applied to all spaceports in a system. I suppose that might have been intentional (to add more variety?) but they definitely didn’t account for storms which alter these shaders.

Personally I’m not a fan of these shaders anyway. Next has already significantly reduced variety within most biomes, much to its detriment. Now you slap the same color-correcting shader onto all of them and everything looks even more the same. I think they’d be best reserved for just “special occasions” (like storms).


I have experienced this when teleporting or portaling during a storm : the weather follows you to the ‘other side’. It is the only time my home planet experiences storms.
It quickly subsides once indoors.
Have not experienced this in a space station though.
Never concerned me enough to report it as a bug…but you are correct in saying it should be reported.


Just had it occur. Finished up on a cold planet in the middle of a blizzard. Flew to the space station and had wintry conditions inside. Normally don’t notice anything since I usually stick to planets with favorable weather but the blizzard had been a bit intense and the carried-over effects were noticeable.

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Noticed that in the first few days after NEXT released. A bit annoying, but ignorable.