3D Skystorm Glitch

I was at my Blissa (lush type) Base where it never storms, never even rains, working on cooking up ingredients and managing my ridiculously overstuffed inventories an ship/exocraft hold, when I noticed what seemed to be lightning flashes.

It kept on going throughout the daylight and into the night and was really bugging my eyes. By the time I finished up there I was starting to get a headache. So I went outside to investigate.

The whole sky was glitching out in strange 3D flashes. Sometimes it looked like giant grey cabinets over the whole sky, then it would flash white and disappear only to have some other band of strangeness flash in and obscure even the planetary rings.

I tried to capture it but only video would do it justice --especially since the sound effects were awesome. I logged out before the sky-wide flickering and flashing elicited a migraine.


This is intriguing. Let me relate what has been happening to me.
At my base, a huge dark shadow moves in jerky motion across the ground. I thought perhaps it was a cloud’s shadow not rendering correctly but all the other clouds are normal. I thought it might be the Anomaly but it has not always been nearby when it happens. Then I saw the same thing happening in another system I was in today.
I have also noticed strange droning noises coming from the sky. This happened yesterday during the QS event. It was so deep it rattled my subwoofer.
Remember how we noticed the Atlas looked angry in the BEYOND trailer? :grimacing: :smile:

I will add that a number of people on Twitter have noticed the Space Station with a couple of planes bisecting it and rotating around. I had that happen to me during the QS events during NEXT. Not sure why it happens but it is interesting and your pics make me think of that. The difference is that yours is very close.


Later on I logged back in and flew to this system’s derelict station. It is the first time I’ve flown here from the planet and I don’t remember seeing all the space flotsam around it before.

I decided to take some cool shots of it as I entered (a number of which I will post in screenshots) But then I turned the camera to where I had entered the station. What I saw there seemed very familiar to me.

The debris was moving across the entrance back and forth and twisting. Ignoring the hand-in quest icon, I realised it was the very same pattern of movement and the same 3D shapes, only writ much smaller at the entrance.

And once I got out of my ship, I was assaulted by the same moaning, creaking, hissing, and banging sounds that I had heard during the glitch storm on the planet earlier.

I thought back to earlier in the day and imagined it was like the ghost of the abandoned station was haunting my planet.

So cool! :grin:

I’m wondering what’s haunting your journies, @sheralmyst .

(there is probably a technical explanation --maybe due to the wrong layers loading out of sync or something --would be fun to find out)


@TravelEcho Was it anything like this?The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics - #621 by Mad-Hatter I posted this a long time ago but it sounds similar to what you describe crossed with the exocraft-race-initiator glitch of the same era.


This is what I encountered during NEXT.
I also believe the droning sounds I heard were coming from the Anomaly during a QS mission.
Perhaps @TravelEcho is correct and it is a layering issue. Not unlike the cloud layering issue I experience when entering a planets atmosphere. The sights and sounds of the Space Station and Anomaly are reaching the planet surface.


Thanks for that link. I’m not really sure. I guess it is kinda similar. Derelict stations are pretty spoopy. :skull::cold_sweat:

Here is my BEYOND Screenshots post of entering the derelict station:


Screenshots v2.0 - #434 by TravelEcho