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So another streamer (@damonnabru) and I want to add a sound command to the stream where it plays the “Item recieved” line. However, we realized that there isn’t a good way to record the voice line. Is there a folder somewhere on PC that has the raw sound files for the game? If there is, we could make a copy then add it in. Asking for a friend.


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You can use the NMS Modding Station made by Tub0Crisco which requires the MBINCompiler made by monkeyman192.

You can then check the source files after having ‘unpacked’ all of them. The audio is then inside a folder called AUDIO. However, all the audio is in .WEM format, for which you would then still require a .WEM converter. For this I used a tool to extract .wem files, provided on /r/NoMansSkyMods back when I was still messing with Atlas Rises and prior versions. This tool is still available through the link provided and I suspect it to still work fine. Basically just extract all the .WEM files with the Mod Station to a separate folder, put the wem converter tool in there and unpack the .zip. Run the convert.bat and it will turn all your .WEM files into .ogg files. You can then use them in most audio apps, or with Audacity and convert to other formats if so needed.

Just keep in mind that pretty much all audio file names are named as a number, so finding the one you need can take a while :wink:

Good luck and feel free to ask further questions …


You may actually be able to check some of the .xml files in the AUDIO folder from within the Modding Station. You could be able to find something like this (SOUNDBANKSINFO):

		<File Id="682086836" Language="English(US)">

This could then narrow your search :wink:


As expected, it uses the Id="682086836"


These are from NMS version 1.55, but expect them to be the same


682086836.ogg (source)

682086836.mp3 (conversion 320kbps)

682086836.wav (conversion)


Thank you a TON! :smile:

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