Bytebeat Music Treat 🎶

This topic is created for sharing and discussing anything Bytebeat!

Feel free to post your recording here for us to enjoy, or share the location of the base where your Bytebeat creation can be found.

Previous Bytebeat topics can be found below:


Do you feel the amount of ‘Custom Tracks’ available is too limited?

Would you like to add a wide variety of community created Bytebeat creations to your playlist?

I have been working on a mod that would allow for this to be possible!

To have your track included, all I need is the following:

  • In-game Username
  • Track Title
  • The following info to locate your Bytebeat creation:
    • Game Mode
    • Galaxy
    • Base name
    • Base location (glyphs)

I will then visit the base, extract the Bytebeat data (Save Editor) to be included in the mod along with your in-game username and track title.

As long as new tracks are coming in, I am planning to release regular updates to have these included.

Think this is a good idea? Feel free to share below …

PS: I am hoping for Hello Games to actually do something similar eventually, ala ‘featured bases’ or along those lines. (feel free to suggest this)


I was thinking of doing some stuff with my synths. Faking a Bytebeat tune that involves into something more electro-rock-orchestral or something. If I have it right, Bytebeat music is on the order of Nintendo bleepy stuff, and I want to work beyond that. If I ever do, I’ll upload it to Soundcloud and provide a link.


Latest one. Ive made 1 more (not uploaded yet) but having trouble with the sound recording from NMS atm😑


There’s a new thread for this in the current Creative Mode (not archived)

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Moved! :smiley: Thanks for sharing @P0nestream


Ok thanks :blush: @sheralmyst

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My latest Bytebeat “Starbeat”.


A new topic has been created to continue with for the NMS Waypoint update: