So.... Whatcha up to?


With no new developments inbound, looks like this will be a slow weekend for waking titan. So I was just wondering what my fellow fans are up to? I’m hoping to find that elusive S class Science beauty in No Man’s Sky, slowly building up my survival save to prepare for eventual journey to the HUB. I’ll also be staying up late and working on a couple multitrack recordings of my band, I think we’ve got some good moments from our last session. That, and hitting up a flea market downtown, shopping for some Indian outfits for the wife, and getting pizza from my favorite spot. Should be a good weekend! What are you up to?


I thought I heard of something happening today/tonight, I may have dreamt it tho​:flushed: I will be shortly chatting with my better half while diner cooks, then watching some Homeland, checking on here periodically, tomorrow I will be going to a fancy dress party dressed as Ed Sheran :joy:


We’ve still got around 24 hours, give or take a few (the sites like the radio ads weren’t exactly on-the-dot when they went live). We know for a fact that Elizabeth said that they were not going to be “idle” after Phase 1 finished but as to what they’re planning/going to do, no ones certain what will happen (any number of things could happen on the 21st or before then). If anything does happen in that time frame, it won’t take long for people to react considering how fast the NMS/WT community has reacted to everything so far.

As for what I’m doing? I’m stuck here cleaning dishes before our “guests” turn up… yay… dishes… grumblegrumblegrumble


I’m livestreaming No Man’s Sky for 2-3 hours a day on my youtube channel, watching others’ youtube videos, and chatting on here. That’s about all.

I’m hoping the emails to the winners of the Level 4 Atlas Passes will go out this weekend so people can give their mailing info and start getting them in the mail this coming week.


Playing online games. I have 27 on my hard drives and another 12 sitting in Steam Library waiting to be downloaded (damn those Steam Sales! >.<)



I’m going to grow bored of all this if nothing happens this weekend. Not that I have a short attention span but if it’s not a constant hook, too many other games will consume me.


Sounds like we have the same plan… I’m looking for your channel now haha


If you wanna check me out, there’s the link!


Gotta keep my children from blowing up the server over on the NMS Discord (I love you guys, please don’t kill your dad).

Glad there was a bit of downtime, gave me some time to spend with my sister, while she was still here, without having to worry about a big development.

I’m still debating on whether starting a new save or waiting until the update. Decisions, decisions…


This is me


Yeah like you said it should be a slow weekend for WT. But im out of town in Indiana visiting family. The weather is great here, nice cool breeze and clear skies. Cant help but keep thinking about whats next for WT, and especially those atlas passes. I wonder how many people actually applied for them. I mean, being 10,000 of them im sure several people will get them within the ETARC community. I hope theres something more to them than just being collectibles. Well, hope everyone has a good weekend. Get as much rest as you can because you know that soon enough, we’ll be right back to solving our favorite puzzle. :+1:


Another one eagerly anticipating Atlas Passes, I would absolutely love one, we shall see! Also eagerly awaiting the Splatoon 2 Splatfest tomorrow


Mostly sitting around waiting for the next bit of info to come , really hoping the same for the passes as having one would be awesome but I do hope its more , I heard something about a beta but I don’t know if that’s it or not , as for myself I didn’t really get into this till phase one happened but I do like NMS a lot and anything that spreads hype about the game I’m happy to be apart of and waiting for july21 is killer man its so slow and with nothing going on in between I can see some people getting bored and dipping out but I’m here for the long haul I wanna see the future of this game and what goes on next , this community is amazing full of really smart people and working this puzzle together has been a blast along with the theories and ideas I hope it keeps getting better and better so cheers till July21 and hopefully emails go out ether this week or weekend and hopefully the next content rumored to come next month will be worth the wait.


I’m just playing around with GameMaker studio trying to see how a pixelated isometric level would look :stuck_out_tongue:
If you have any tips for someone who wants to start game development, do share :smile:


My Waking Titan videos are on the Youtube Megathread on here.


nice!! best of luck on the S Class hunt, i found one very early but it was only a 19 slot one but she got me to the Hub, over 350 jumps in NMS. :wink:

me, just adding wiki pages to the NMS games. watching some ‘real’ Ghost in the Shell circa 1995 and waiting for next friday… for me i’m more interested in the 1.3 update for NMS than WK at times but gotta say that this ARG has been a blast thus far to watch/try to partake in. if the update to NMS lives up to ARG, other game companies will try to take a route like this… makes so much sense; give the players a distraction while you work on updates and at the same time get feedback indirectly via ARG. :wink:

btw here’s my home base system; just added my home base to the wiki.
HUB6-12 Sixplant - Wiki Page


IRL? Enjoying an arts festival by day, and blending in at the local college watering holes by night.

In NMS, I plan on relocating my survival mode base closer to a black hole; then starting a proper tour of the more civilized parts of the Euclid galaxy.


The mods on the NMS subreddit have confirmed that there is no beta associated with the passes. I don’t want to quash anyone’s excitement, but it’s important that we keep everyone’s info up to date.

But I can agree that I am eagerly awaiting the 21st. From what I’ve seen so far, I expect phase 2 to begin then.


I’ve been working on illustrations for a book I kickstarted early in the year. Good, but slow times… Its been the perfect time to boot up NMS and sit in a cave to grind that silly Extreme Survival milestone (one of my biggest gripes with the game)


Nice happy to see another HUB6 er. I was starting to feel a bit lonely in this secluded area of the hub