So what are you doing this Saturday the 8th


Or Sunday the 9th depending on the place in the world you are.

I am enjoying a nice end of the afternoon in my garden with a screwd… I mean orange juice.

What about you?


Trying to rest after two days of being out and about doing a bunch of art-related things. Have a bit of an ear ache and headache so I’m taking it easy! Just did laundry too. A real chill day–might have a beer or two though. :slight_smile:


Playing NMS! Working on my plantation to get enough credits for a bigger freighter :slight_smile: and maybe some beer in between.


I was thinking this too. Its going to be both Saturday AND July the 9th at the same time but in different parts of the world. So is something going to happen at midnight in Australia? Who knows.

Also, I myself am drinking homemade mead (honey wine) mixed with diet 7-up.

Edit: Oh, it’s already the 9th in Australia. Maybe midnight in the UK?


After this WT puzzle thing (I was sooo close to solve this one, really, for the first time) I decided to watch some movies on my PC, or I should say re-watch some of my favorite ones (I like refreshing my memory, from time to time). This time I’ve picked The Minority Report and Babylon A.D. Just love sci-fi :slight_smile: Also got a storm outside while watching, so it was nice to be inside.

I do hope something will happen tomorrow with NMS, though. It would be fun to see smiles on other faces.


Ok, grasping at straws here, but I realized the Prime Meridian runs through the UK (where Hello Games is), so when it is midnight in the UK, half the world will be Saturday and the other half will be July 9th.


Right? RIGHT?! :astonished:


My brain melted a few hours ago, so I trust you with this one.

Maybe it means something, maybe not :slight_smile: Just relax :slight_smile:


@MacForADay partially true. The prime meridian runs through Greenwich (GMT), but London is currently GMT+1, so for your half Saturday half Sunday deal, you’d actually need to wait until it is 01:00 in London.

Additionally, I do believe the time traveling (sat 9th 2016) to be more likely. But either way, it’s kinda hijacking this thread. The real question is, what are you doing this Saturday?

I for myself spent about half of it reading all these forums and watching various ppl run all over the place, and the other half I spent outside enjoying a great day and stuffing my face. :slight_smile:


Getting some peace of mind …
Going to watch a couple of movies with a nice glass of wine

I’ll take suggestions through PM for time travel/paradox movies, although seen quite many already.


The Jacket, brilliant movie :slight_smile:


Its nearly 9am on Sunday here. after 10 hours of Stern Im glad to be back on etarc!


Going to class this 9th July XD
Learning never stops, not even when something big in an arg is about to commence :smile:


I’m stuck at work :frowning: someone send puzzles so I don’t get bored…


Just back from U2 at Twickernham. Have I missed much?


If you never change your mind, why have one?


Right now I’m working on finishing a song and watching my housemates get ready to leave for a wedding. Then, I dunno.

I mean when it’s sunday the 9th and I’m in Ireland, and talking to someone who’s hours behind and its saturday for them still… Does our combined conversation make it Saturday the 9th? Nah, I’m just reaching here.

I’ll probably spend the day here to see if anything crazy happens/ watch stuff/ play videogames.


You Sir, are a magician! You achieved to send messages back in time without using a tachyonic antitelephone!