Expecting something today?


Hey guys,

Ms. E.L. said “see you guys the 21st” (if I recall correctly), but I also remember the “Saturday the 9th” thingy (which was a day off in the 2017 calendar).
EL may not be on the same time plane than us (or time zone), so maybe we’ll have to wait tomorrow: Saturday the 22nd.
What do you think?
I hope I’m wrong, I really want to get back to it (even more so now we may have to save Emily from a time wrap)!


July 21st 2016 was a Thursday. Same in 2022.


All we can do is be patient at this point and it seems the date was a typo on WT (it was proceeded with a Twitch stream the following day after the 6th sigil was solved).

I just hope the moderators for ETARC that people won’t proceed to do a witch-hunt if something goes wrong or nothing happens today…


I was thinking the same thing last night :slight_smile:


It’s only logical…


It could be tomorrow tbf…werent the previous ‘clue’ releases done on a saturday?


yep, that’s exactly my point and reason why I think it’ll be tomorrow. Also I don’t think the discrepancies in the dates are mistakes…


It has begun!