So I finally have NMS on the PC

And it works! I knew I didn’t trust that one website. I’ve only played to the point of finding my ship so I could save it, but haven’t tried it after changing all the settings to low. Although, I don’t know what some of the graphic settings mean because I am new to PC gaming, so does anyone have an explanation of the settings you can turn on or off?

So I got it on PC for two reasons: One, to play with my GF, and two (and maybe more importantly) , I WANT MODS!! So how do I do mods in NMS? Especially of course the famous Ray’s overhaul mod.


Here are my current settings. I don’t have a top-of-the line PC. Of course, anything that says low, medium, high can be adjusted as needed. The game won’t look as good but, …and light shafts (god rays) can be turned off. As for the rest, I have to call my son in, lol. They too can make a big difference in performance.

I like for things to look nice but, I have to have smooth performance.

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Yeah light shafts I kind of figured, but other than the low, medium, high ones, I’m not sure what the rest mean. Good to see I’m not the only one who doesn’t want motion blur.

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Alright, here’s a quick rundown on everything in that picture:

Window Mode: Wether or not you want NMS to run in a window or not (Obvious, I know, but I am listing everything.)

Monitor: If you have multiple monitors, you can choose which one it runs on.

Resolution: Sets the resolution of the game. It you’re okay with 900p or even 720p, go right ahead and change it. Or leave it at native resolution, which I strongly prefer.

V-Sync: Ever see screen tearing while playing? Enable this and that is gone. Minor impact to FPS

Anti-Aliasing (AA): Smoothes out the jagged lines you see in objects both near and far (Mostly seen in far ones.) The higher the setting, the better the smoothing, though I prefer just regular FXAA. Higher you go, the more the FPS impact.

On-Foot FoV and Flight FoV: Crank it up if you want to see more; It will ‘warp’ the screen the more you turn it up. I play at max, hehe.

Motion Blur: How much the screen is blurred when you swing the camera around real fast. I prefer it off, honestly. Minor FPS impact.

HBAO: I dunno why they use HBAO; It’s Ambient Occulusion. Basically puts a shadow at the corner of every model, makes it look MUCH more realistic, and would be best if on. Moderate FPS impact.

Anisoropic Filtering: Not entirely certain how it affects the game, but from what I’ve seen, it works best with AA on. The higher it’s set, the more FPS impact.

Texture Detail: Basically, the resolution that the textures are rendered at. Lower you go, the more blurred the textures will be. Long as you got enough VRAM (4GB) you’ll be good with it maxed. If you got 2GB, best to set to medium.

Shadow Detail: The higher you go, the less pixelated all the shadows will be. This one primarily needs a strong GPU Processor. Might be best to leave at Medium or Low, then tweak as your system allows.

Reflection Quality: Well… It’s how well stuff reflects, like on the water surface. Suspect only a minor FPS drop with it.

Light Shafts: Or God Rays. Stand under a tree with the sun on the other side of it, and you’ll see what it does. Minor-Moderate FPS drop.

Max FPS: Unless you got a 144hz monitor, Leave it at 60. Your monitor probably is a 60hz, which means any FPS over 60 won’t even be rendered by the monitor.

Gamma: Higher you go, the ‘brighter’ everything will be. Go too far and things just get washed out with white. I’d leave it alone.

Terrain Quality: I am SO GLAD we don’t have to edit the .txt file to change this… Ahem. This affects how high of quality the terrain is rendered around you. On low settings, terrain away from you will render in a lower poly quality. If you want scenic screenshots, or want to see the land in the actual polygon quality, turn it up. Relies mostly on GPU Processor and CPU strength.

And there we have it! (:


Thank you so much for all of this! I’m just glad the game runs so I don’t want to push it.

I thought resolution was only about the screen size?

What do you mean by higher? What is the range of settings?

Not a problem! Glad to be of help in some way 'round these parts somehow, haha.

Resolution: Well, let’s say you got a 1080p monitor (1920x1080) and you set NMS to 720p (1280x720.) It’ll render the screen at 720p resolution, but it’ll scale it to fit your 1080p monitor. If it didn’t scale it, you’d have a black border all around your game window. You can have an 18" monitor at 1080p, and a 52" TV at 1080p, and yet another 50" TV that is only 720p. Physical size doesn’t matter.

AA: I can’t remember exactly what the order is from lowest to highest. I do remember FXAA is the lowest next to it just being Off. Just start at off, and keep clicking the right arrow to go through the options. They’re in a ‘least to greatest’ order.

I would go and check it real quick, but I haven’t gotten NMS working in Linux yet…

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Not when you’re in full screen. It will still use the entirety of the screen, just at a lower resolution, which boosts performance quite a bit. For example, I have a mid-range PC with a GPU a bit inferior to a PS4, but I still play on almost highest settings. Just with the resolution set to 1280x720 (the original HD resolution, before full-HD was all the rage), and it runs mostly fine. Some people find the lower resolution unbearable, but growing up with 320x200, I don’t really see pixels…

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Exactly. I stared with the Genesis so I have a high tolerance. I seem to have lines again like we use to have when the game came out, but I don’t mind.


Really simple. If you need help, you know where to find me.


@ZurkinWood497…that’s my boy! Well, maybe he didn’t want anyone to know…nothing like mom ruining the social vibe, :laughing:
We are waiting for our pathetic internet to roll over tonight. Then maybe he can get to work on his Linux issues. Standby in case of crisis mode. Thanks for the offer. :grinning:
Now, I think I may need to tweak my settings…:thinking:

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Just wanted to add on to everyone’s wonderful and helpful posts, some Mods can be quite heavy on the ol processing so it’s worth experimenting with different combinations to see which ones work best for you and your performance.

I picked up NMS on PC myself during the waking titan ARG and found even some simple mods I thought would have zero effect on performance could cripple the frame rate though they may have still been working out some of the kinks. I still play primarily on PS4 (especially since my PC is currently waiting for a PSU replacement) but can’t wait to join you all on that plane of simulated existence again soon


And if you don’t see pixels, you might as well turn anti aliasing off. It can be a huge drain on performance.


I’ll try that, thank you.

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Hi @SaraStarwind. Here are a few links to get you started with adding mods to your PC. Just a caution, only download mods for the version of NMS you are currently playing. Older mods and ones for experimental can make a mess of your saves. Also, make a backup copy of your save folder before installing mods. I can’t stress enough how important it is to backup your save folder.

Download Mods


Enjoy the added content mods can bring to the game. :grin:

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Thank you! I’m sure I’ll look and maybe find it but just to be quicker where is the save folder kept for No Man’s sky on PC?

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\HelloGames\NMS\st_<Steam64 ID>\

<username> = your username on the computer
<Steam64 ID> = your Steam64 user ID: 7656119xxxxxxxxxx

Easiest to just copy the entire NMS folder to a properly named ‘backup’ folder in another location, to have all your saves in one place.

The saves you find inside the folder come in pairs, mf_saveX.hg and saveX.hg for each save used, where X is a number (apart from the first). Each save slot uses 2 of those pairs, one for the ‘auto save’ and another ‘manual save’, as follows:

Filename Filename Slot Save type
mf_save.hg save.hg 1 auto
mf_save2.hg save2.hg 1 manual
mf_save3.hg save3.hg 2 auto
mf_save4.hg save4.hg 2 manual
mf_save5.hg save5.hg 3 auto
mf_save6.hg save6.hg 3 manual
mf_save7.hg save7.hg 4 auto
mf_save8.hg save8.hg 4 manual
mf_save9.hg save9.hg 5 auto
mf_save10.hg save10.hg 5 manual

You may find some old entries in your saves folder, like mf_storageX.hg and storageX.hg, which are left-overs from older versions of the game. As far as I know, they are no longer being used, but I never bothered to remove those.

Hope the above makes sense :wink:


It does thank you. I doubt I’ll have that many old save since I just got the game like a week ago, although now with the newest update maybe I will.

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Sorry for the delay. I finally finished dealing with a hardware issue today. It appears DevilinPixy answered your question. :grin: :clap:

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