Ps4 or PC for NMS


Simple question… what do people recommend playing NMS on? I have it for PC but with it currently on sale on Playstation for 9.99 I would like to know if its worth having for that too, considering I have a PS4 pro.


Ive not played it on PC but ps4 would be just as good in my opinion


I got it initially on PS4 on launch, regular player.

Only picked it up recently on PC in case its needed for the ARG.

Gameplay wise and aesthetically they both play and look the same.

Pc can look a lot better due to it having higher rendering options like better anti aliasing and a higher frame rate or bigger resolution. PS4pro can get 4k and 60 frames I believe if you have a 4k tv).

Honestly, the experience is the same across the board. PC has mods which are fun to experiment around with but I found myself removing them not long after and sticking with vanilla, I have maybe crescentplanets and construct mod active but they’re just aesthetic pleasentries.

Whichever method works out cheapest and most convenient for you, I would reccomend. Either way I’ll be travelling with you :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s the thing I have a 4k Tele and the Pro and my PC is high end graphics wise but the cpu and motherboard needs an upgrade…it runs nms well but I think it might run better on the pro and seeing as it’s only a tenna at the minute it’s a no brainer for me. Thanks for your input though Toddumptious I appreciate it.


PS4 is the most stable since they have standard specs; you won’t have many crashes at all on PS4. Drawback is no access to mods.
With PC it all depends on how good your PC is. If you don’t meet the specs you won’t be able to play at all. If you have a really souped up gaming PC you’ll be able to run the game with mods without having constant crashes.


I play on Ps4 and I can say this the experience is fun , I thought about pc but in the end I got it off amazon for 40$ and I cant complain however playing on ps4 the game even after updates can still crash sometimes just depends on things I guess , sometimes it never happens and sometimes it happens often , recently it hasn’t happened to me but it is a thing non the less however very rare , I also prefer the ps4 controller but I think you can use one on pc to so its really up to the user as for now I love my ps4 copy and I play on the regular Ps4 with little to no problems


I play on PS4 aswell, couple of crashes so far… I’ll hopefully be turning on PS4PRO next year!


Thats my game plan, moving back home for a spell, with the extra money I wont be spending on rent (rent in dublin is 3/4’s my paycheck ,its ridiculous here, landlords running a cartel more or less and government doing nothing cos they’re all feckin landlords too on the side) I plan to get 4k tv, ps4pro and PSVR. Fingers crossed NMS gets VR support some day. Thatd be my social life ruined.


I really would like to play it in the PC too because the graphics are quite better, but on my PS4 its okay and you can sit on the couch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One thing that always stood out for me is that on PS4 you can look left/right while flying (i.e. from inside cockpit), while on PC you can only look straight ahead.


yeah indeed you can it but very slightly tough…


I do miss playing this on the couch :frowning: Might take a break from PC version when update drops and try finish my permadeath save on PS4 :smiley:


Depends on the ship type. The fighter type with “bubble” cockpits allow you to look around a fair bit.


True! @Raist


Actually, I have hooked up and Xbox controller to my computer and then you can look left and right


Yea, I heard of some people doing that… Is that just plug-and-play or is there some extra tweeking necessary to make it work on PC?


I just found a cord that fit the little slot at the top of the controller, and plugged The other end into the USB port and everything worked. So plug and play :slightly_smiling_face:


If you have Windows 10 then you just need to plug your xbox one controller in via USB…nothing else necessary.


PS4 also works on windows 10 with USB, just need a program. The one I use, DS4Windows was pretty straight foward, simple install and worked straight away. However some games you have to tick “hide ds4” or it thinks theres two controllers, but works fine on NMS, PS4 button prompts even show up :smiley:


You dont need third Party programs in Steam anymore. Just Plugin the ps4 Controller and it will reconize it as such. Even the ingame Symbols are then ps4. I testet this with the Surge and i worked perfectly :grin: