ACPI Shutdown?

Hello again folks :slight_smile:

I have a query here, has anyone ever experienced a total shut-down of their system whilst playing NMS?

This happens when the system gets so hot it just forces a power-off. It happens quite a lot when I’m playing.

I’m going to lower the detail levels a bit, but I’m curious if anyone else has had the same problem?

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Have you tried using a desk or table fan while playing?

I have to have a fan blasting for pretty much any game on my aging pc haha

It can happen if your processor fan is verry dusty, if your thermal paste is away (so many people never change it after 3 years).

Your game most likely crashed, everytime my game crashes it causes my ps4 to restart.

Never had that happen on any game on PC or consoles though I don’t really use my gaming PC for AAA games and NMS specifically I’ve only played on PS4 and PS4 Pro though I own a digital PC copy too and my PC could run it…in theory at least since I meet the system requirements. No game crashes from any game I suffered on PS4 ever forced a system restart either on the OG PS4 or PS4 Pro.

Can’t be that hehe :slight_smile: brand new CPU fan in there.
I really just wanted to see if it happened to anyone else. I know NMS is CPU intensive, but you’d think HG might think a bit about just how much load they put on the CPU at once ;

Anyways , I’ll see if reducing the detail levels can help

I had it once last summer after the update. The cause was the graphic card, , not stong enough for the new version .

Have the occasional crash on my clean & (apparently) healthy PS4. Seems to be a processing overload caused by doing multiple things at once. Never requires a restart & has occurred on various games not just NMS. Only seems to happen when system is online and may be related to a unstable/poor internet flow causing a conflict.

Have had the odd shutdown & eject disk issue on the PS4 which is caused by the little rubber foot located below the on/off, eject buttons. This deforms with age & when it gets warmed up can contact the hardware behind the switches. Simply plucking out the foot will fix this.

You might not need to lower detail, I would lessen the render distance. (Maximum proximity to an object before detail is shown)

Thanks Hatter :slight_smile: I’m playing on the PC though, not PS4;
It does sound from the other replies CPU load / graphic card overload/overworking - it may be something HG work on for their next update

I think it’s a hard balancing game for HG between putting in more content and features and squeezing all the performance they can out of both their game engine and the hardware running it without changing the system requirements. Hopefully things get better for you with the next update but I wouldn’t hold my breath as the game will keep growing and expanding.