Next Gen Consoles Are Coming In Nov, Can We Expect A NMS Update Then?

PS5 and Xbox Whatever have both unveiled their prices and release dates for November. Whether you play console or not, this could mean a big update to No Man’s Sky including ray tracing support and faster load times.

Here’s a video about PS5 but also compares it to Xbox:

Do you think we will get an update around November like I described above?


:crossed_fingers: Would be nice. Hoping this is so.

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By NMS Console update, do you mean that they’ll bring up the graphic quality to be on par with PC ultra quality, or do you mean new features (larger buildings, more complex behaviour, etc)?
PS: or is an update needed to make it forward compatible with PS5?


First, an update if needed to make sure it will run on a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. Just the quicker load times for jumps to new systems, or vastly decreased pop-in as you fly or drive around on a planet would be great.

Second, any increased frame rates, ray tracing, or other graphical improvements on the new consoles would be a big plus.

Third, I’d buy another edition of NMS made just for the new consoles if needed. I was happy with the improved performance of the game after I got my PS4 Pro and seeing another improvement while using a PS5 (especially with the VR) is my hope.

Also, I enjoy watching your videos, MacForADay.


The only features I was talking about are the ones I said in my post. You are welcome to discuss graphics too or anything else that might be in an update.