High contrast markers and labels!

Hi guys, i’m having a blast with No Man’s Sky and interacting, however minimally, on the CSD forums with you fine folk. I don’t need help with the gameplay as much as help with playing the game. What I mean by that is although i’ve played NMS from the beginning I’ve always had trouble with the small markers/labels the game has. I know it’s not a problem most folks have but I have a vision issue that makes it hard to find creatures, buildings, target flying ships and generally locate most points of interest. With that said, is there a mod that just changes these things in the game to a higher contrast or larger format for a player in my position? How hard would it be to make a mod like this for people with low vision like myself? They don’t need to be huge just a little larger and eye catching in any color background.

Thanks a bunch. :banana: :grinning: :banana:


I don’t think there is an option on PS4 but if there is someone please correct me, not sure about pc or Xbox, would be worth reporting it to Zendesk as a suggestion/improvement :+1:


Are you playing on a PC?

There are two main modding sites for PC: https://www.nexusmods.com/nomanssky/ and https://nomansskymods.com/

There are some pretty good mods there that can be helpful for people with vision problems. (I myself have pretty bad visual problems).

I’m still looking for a way to mod that tiny invisible cross in the middle of the scanning tool so I can scan without waving it all around to try to catch the thing I’m wanting to scan. lol


:grinning: Me too! Not only that but scanning from 3rd person is a pain. When i hold F to scan the rock that i was focused on now is no longer what i’m focusing on when the visor puts me into ‘scan mode’ in 1st person view. This seems like a buggish problem that could be worked on.

Oh, and yeah i should have mentioned i’m on PC. Maybe I thought the meniton of mods would indicate that but it slipped my mind to mention it. I’ll look through the mods lists. I just wondered if anyone had a good recommendation.

If anyone uses a mod for a similar issue i’m interested in hearing about it.